Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Stroll Down Weaponry Lane

Where will we be on Gameday? Well, we know where all the outlaws in Fresno will be — on the field, playing for the Bulldogs. Granted, every team has its share of problems. It just seems like Fresno has a much bigger slice of the pie when it comes to troubled athletes. For that reason, we're not sure how good of an idea it was to show a Bulldog player carrying a sledgehammer onto the field on a poster schedule. This would indicate that players are now carrying weapons on and off the field. A scary thought to say the least. ... Our featured list: Rice, Alabama, Oklahoma, Toledo, Vanderbilt-Tennessee, Washington State-Washington, Brigham Young-West Virginia-Northern Illinois, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Louisiana State, UCLA, Ohio State, Mississippi State, Auburn, South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida State, Florida, Iowa State and USC. Send your team's poster schedule to dawizofodds (at)


Anonymous said...

Nice job of posting stuff that you know nothing about. For your information it was only the basketball team that had problems, and the majority of that was quite a few years ago. Next time maybe doing a little homework would help you not look like a moron on your own site.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Anonymous. Nothing worse than a site misrepresenting the reputation that a program works so hard to achieve. As a matter of fact not only has Fresno's football players stayed out of trouble, they are behind only Stanford and Air Force for academic achievement by the football team when compared to all schools west of the rockies. Quite impressive...this site ought to be ashamed of themselves for putting something out there like this that is so far from reality.