Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just Try to Make Something Out of Nothing

Rice is one fine university with one really, really bad team. Maybe the idea behind celebrating 95 seasons of football is to remember the days when the Owls were actually competitive. That certainly wasn't the case last season, when Rice opened with 40-plus point losses to UCLA and Texas. So it's understandable why the Owls wanted to hit the mute button on creativity when the time came to conceptualize their poster schedule. After all, with more bludgeonings on the horizon in 2006, there's no need to try and call attention to all of this now, is there? Thanks to MoiseKapenda for sending the image. Send your team's poster schedule to dawizofodds (at) The list of posters that have been featured: Alabama, Oklahoma, Toledo, Vanderbilt-Tennessee, Washington State-Washington, Brigham Young-West Virginia-Northern Illinois, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Louisiana State, UCLA, Ohio State, Mississippi State, Auburn, South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida State, Florida, Iowa State and USC.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's so nice to see that a blog dedicated to "winners" doesn't recognize the transformation this football team has undergone, physically, mentally, and facility-wise, in just less than 9 months. But predictions are are buttholes--everyone has one, and most are full of you know what.

Why don't you check back with how Rice is doing in say, three months? You might just be shocked enough to discover that--no it couldn't be-Rice could end up in a bowl game. So go ahead. . . .keep making your predictions. REmember waht they're like. It's not the same team as last year. . . and you'll see that at the end of the year.