Monday, December 31, 2007

Erin Andrews' Diminished Role

Stacey Dales is turning up more and more as a sideline reporter on ESPN telecasts, which begs the question: Is ESPN grooming her as a replacement for Erin Andrews?

Dales did the second of her three bowl assignments Sunday night. Meanwhile, long-time Wiz favorite Andrews did her only on-air appearance Saturday night at the Alamo Bowl. Andrews will be at the Rose Bowl, but she'll be working for ESPN Radio. Awful Announcing said it best: "What's the point?"
Rob Stone has the most sideline assignments with four. Stone, who in the opinion of this blogger does solid and entertaining work, made a name for himself earlier this season when he took on Bhut Jolokia, the world's hottest chili pepper.

But back to the question of the day: Why has Andrews' on-air role been diminished this postseason? Dales has — as they say — been sexed up and is turning up frequently on the four-letter network. Just wondering. ...

Thanks to TV Tan Line.

Fire Rick Neuheisel For Sale: $250,000

Now that Slick Rick Neuheisel is back in the game, so is his domain.

But if you want the hottest domain name going — Fire Rick — get ready to pay. A Michigan man named Mike owns the site and has the following terms of sale:
  • You must donate $75,000 to the University of Colorado general scholarship fund.
  • You must donate $75,000 to the University of Washington scholarships for students program.
  • You must donate $100,000 to the Teach for America program.
We contacted Mike and he explained the reasons behind his unusual demands:

Why did you purchase the site?

Mostly as a kiss off/parody of other "Fire X" sites. This was at the time of the height of popularity of the Ron Zook site. Major college athletics is very broken right now in many respects, this is where I think fans become way, way too involved. I really don't think a slight dip in a program's quality should be worth having a coach being fired.

And of course, to a fan, the only measure of quality is wins and losses, not how many special cases your program has to bring in to get those wins or whether or not your coach is teaching athletes to become the leaders of tomorrow. It's just a game. If a team's success or lack thereof affects you in any way, unless you are directly involved with the program as a player or coach, you have problems.

Why did you post the message you did?

As much as I hate the "Fire X" sites, Rick Neuheisel to me is another person who is a major problem with college athletics. He has no regard for any part of the college experience that doesn't involve his football team nor the rules that try to keep college football from not being NFL Triple-A ball. And for Washington having to pay millions of dollars to pay him off was sickening to me.

Secondly, I am really getting sick of the amount of money that is thrown around now in major college athletics. Why should a football coach make millions of dollars? If it's a private school or your athletic department is self-sustaining (meaning no money from students at all), then sure, go ahead, pay all you want. But even the ones that claim they are self-sustaining are not, since they usually have to charge students for tickets.

To me, this was the perfect combination of combining the ludicrousness of the "Fire X" site with the obscenity of the money being thrown around and schools' willingness to latch on to obvious problem cases if it can mean a few extra wins.

Do you work in academia?

No. I chose the education groups involved because a college/university, after all, is supposed to be about the education. I'm not some ivory tower snob, I see a lot of college athletics. I have Michigan football and hockey season tickets and I regularly attend softball, baseball and water polo. Although I really don't know how much longer for football. My season ticket is approaching $500. For eight games. Absolutely ridiculous.

Greatest Moments of the Season

If you are stuck in a cubicle and looking for a way to goof off on the last day of 2007, we've got the place for you. The site All American Football League has a nifty video post of the greatest moments of the season. It starts on the grandest of stages — Michigan Stadium — with Appalachian State stunning the Wolverines. The upsets continued to pile up — Stanford over USC, Illinois over Ohio State and Kentucky and Arkansas over Louisiana State. And how can we forget Trinity's 15-lateral play to beat dreaded Millsaps? Highly recommended. Thanks to Pete!

Reporters' Notebooks

Wendell Barnhouse, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Outstanding piece here. College football fans have been and are being duped. Fooled. Bamboozled. Deceived. Unfortunately, they are a willing participant in the scam.

Jim Carty, Ann Arbor News: Some Michigan linemen appear to have not missed many meals over the holidays.

Brian Dohn, L.A. Daily News: Could Michigan freshman quarterback Ryan Mallett, who appears to be a bad fit for Rich Rodriguez's offense, be headed for UCLA along with outgoing Wolverine quarterbacks coach Scott Loeffler?

Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press: How a freak nerve injury may have cost Michigan a berth to the Rose Bowl.

Ted Miller, Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Rick Neuheisel. You either love him or hate him, but they have already circled Nov. 15 on the calendar at Washington, the day UCLA plays the Huskies in Seattle.

Blaine Newnham, Seattle Times: What has happened to the biz? Cutbacks claim another one. The longtime columnist pens his final one for the paper.

Bernard Fernandez, Philadelphia Daily News: A hula performed by Texas A&M players at a pregame function added to Penn State's desire to win the Alamo Bowl.

Jonathan Okanes, Contra Costa Times: Cal coach Jeff Tedford said that receivers DeSean Jackson and Robert Jordan and safety Thomas DeCoud will not start in the Armed Forces Bowl because they violated team rules.

A happy and safe New Year to the valued readers and journalists who make this site what it is.

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Good Times for the Longhorns in San Diego

If you've never been to a Holiday Bowl, well, you must. Ross was kind enough to send us a link to images of his excursion to America's Finest City and he came away impressed, calling the experience "a blast."

"I met up with Rob and Katy who run and also Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation. Rob and Katy put on a tailgate at every Texas game (home and away and bowls) and I helped them put it together. We met up at about 9 a.m., bought food and beer for the group and got to the stadium and set up our tailgate area at 10 a.m. (for a 5 p.m. game).
"The crowd started showing up in droves at about 2 p.m. and we grilled sausage wraps and went through about a dozen 36 packs of beer. Good tailgate that came together with the help of a lot of sources bringing the awning and chairs, grill, etc.
"The game was great from the Texas point of view. We came out aggressive and played hard. We were badly outnumbered in the stands (80/20). But a lot of the local ticket holders without a stake in the game left at half and ASU fans began leaving in the third quarter."

You can view more images from the game by clicking here. If you're headed to a bowl, send us images and comments about your experience. The address: dawizofodds (at)


Getting ready to throw out some papers we've been saving since the start of the bowl season and thought you might want to look through them before they reach the recycling bin. As always, click an image for a closer look.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

That's Pete Carroll on the Left

The run-up to the Rose Bowl began in grand fashion last week when players and coaches from USC and Illinois visited Disneyland. Image of Sport was on the scene and you can check out the gallery by clicking here.

Slick Rick Is Back in the Game

UCLA chancellor Gene Block released the statement: "I'm pleased to welcome Rick Neuheisal back into the UCLA family . . ."

UCLA later sent out a correction — spelling Neuheisel's name correctly.

Yes, the Neuheisel-UCLA marriage appears to be one of desperation. Slick Rick, who racked up 50-plus NCAA violations at Colorado and Washington, is back in the college ranks, leaving his gig as first-year offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens, who stand No. 23 in offense and No. 25 in scoring and touchdowns. The Ravens, 13-3 a year ago, have lost nine in a row entering Sunday's game against Pittsburgh.

UCLA, desperate to make a hire, gets a coach on the cheap: A reported five-year deal for $1.25 million annually, plus incentives. But it's not like Neuheisel, 46, needs the money. In 2005, he settled a wrongful termination lawsuit against the NCAA and Washington for $4.5 million.

Neuheisel didn't leave many friends behind when he bolted Colorado for Washington. T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times found this gem: When Neuheisel departed Boulder, the Denver Post's Mark Kiszla began his column, "The Colorado Buffaloes have no football coach this morning, which is an improvement over their position 24 hours earlier."

Neuheisel has a career record of 66-30. Of Slick Rick's time at Washington, the Seattle Times Bob Condotta writes: "Neuheisel was 33-16 at UW but what many close to the program think is more relevant is that he was 8-9 in his last 17 games. That was the period when the Huskies began not to be able to run the ball well — they never topped 200 yards rushing in any of his last 23 games as UW's coach; and began to give up points in bunches — UW gave up 30 or more points in eight of those games.

"One person close to the UW program once told me that they thought the best thing that ever happened to Neuheisel's coaching reputation was that he was fired in the manner he was, his theory being Neuheisel might have been fired in a year or two for on-field performance. Being fired for something else — and at the time he was — allowed him to merely point to his overall record of 66-30 as evidence of his coaching acumen instead of the fact that both UW and Colorado began to lose more the longer he was in control."

Crable: Tebow Just Another Quarterback

Michigan linebacker Shawn Crable, navigating his way over the Purdue line, has some freakish skills. He also has a message for Tim Tebow, Florida's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, who he hopes to meet up close in the Capital One Bowl:

"I think y'all are too concerned with this Tebow, I mean he’s just a quarterback. He's really not [different.] He's got some freakish stats because they use him differently, they use him in the red zone a lot to run the ball but he's nothing more exceptional than we've ever played against.

"If you ask me about [Oregon’s] Dennis Dixon or you ask me about [former Texas quarterback] Vince Young, I'd be like, now those are some freakish people. You ask me about this guy, he's just a quarterback."

It's Snack Time at the Alamo Bowl!

Quite a week in San Antonio for Texas A&M. First came the "Joe Paterno's on his death bed! And someone needs to find him a casket!" embarrassment brought upon the school by a Yell Leader. Then came this Alamo Bowl classic.
We understand the lines were lengthy at the Alamodome concession stands, but that's no excuse for digging into an orifice for a snack. One has to wonder what else was on the menu for the evening. And the guy in the lower right, is he offering for a free snack?
Texas A&M lost to Penn State, 24-17, leaving Aggie cheeseburger tailback Jorvorskie Lane in tears. Yes, "Remember the Alamo" has a new meaning. Thanks to TV Tan Line for the images.

Reporters' Notebooks

Ed McGranahan, Greenville News: Alabama and Clemson are close to a deal to open the 2008 season at the Georgia Dome.

Bryant-Jon Anteola, Fresno Bee: All-America kick returner A.J. Jefferson was one of eight Fresno State players who have been suspended for Monday's Humanitarian Bowl against Georgia Tech.

Woody Paige, Denver Post: The 1969 Colorado team made its mark on racism, defeating an all-white Alabama team, 47-33, in the Liberty Bowl.

Solvej Schou, Associated Press: Human rights advocates plan to protest a float honoring the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and anti-war activists, including "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan, intend to rally for peace during the Tournament of Roses parade.

Don Markus, Baltimore Sun: Ralph Friedgen after a 6-7 season: "We're going to raise our game to a whole 'nother level. They'd better bring their 'A' game because I'm going to bring mine."

And this tidbit for teams with new, interim or lame duck coaches: UCLA, Southern Mississippi, Texas A&M, Houston and Navy have all lost bowl games. Good luck to Lloyd Carr. Thanks to the Midwest Correspondent.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Neuheisel Is UCLA's Choice

UCLA has its man, and it's Rick Neuheisel.

Neuheisel had been the front-runner after reportedly making several promises to UCLA chancellor Gene Block, including being able to produce four different donors who could produce $1 million each for the Pauley Pavilion makeover.

Neuheisel also racked up over 50 NCAA violations while he was coach at Colorado and Washington. He was fired at Washington after taking part in a high-stakes NCAA basketball betting pool but later received a $4.5 million settlement in a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Going Nuts Over the Emerald Bowl

Maryland and Oregon State squared off Friday night in the Emerald Bowl at AT&T Park in San Francisco, and Image of Sport was on hand to chronicle the Beavers' 21-14 victory. You can view the entire gallery by clicking here.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was a heavyweight event. Check out Maryland's Ralph Friedgen, above, whose team finished 6-7, the Terrapins' third losing record in the past four seasons.

Oregon State quarterback Sean Canfield, right, completed only eight of 14 passes for 68 yards and a touchdown, but he didn't have to be sharp because he handed the workload to Yvenson Bernard, below, who cut through the Maryland defense for 177 rushing yards.
A small, wet and pro-Oregon State crowd of 32,517 attended the game and watched afterward as Oregon State took home the hardware. That's Gary Cavalli, below left, the co-founder and the only executive director in the Emerald Bowl's six-year history. No wonder Cavalli's smiling. You might recall an earlier story pointing out that his compensation package for running the bowl was $362,018 in 2006. "Frankly, my compensation package is none of your business,” Cavalli said.

Reporters' Notebooks

Alex Abrams, Springdale Morning News: The father of Arkansas running back Darren McFadden said that a TV report claiming an agent helped his son purchase a Cadillac Escalade was "a bold-faced lie."

Brian Dohn, L.A. Daily News: Philadelphia Eagles defensive backs coach John Harbaugh, the brother of Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, has a second interview scheduled with UCLA.

Mike DeArmond, Kansas City Star: Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones wants the Cotton Bowl to become part of the Bowl Championship Series when the game is moved to his new stadium in 2010.

Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times: With college football in no mood for a true playoff system, the best we can hope for is the Plus One model.

Dave Curtis, Orlando Sentinel: Despite the death of a teammate in a motorcycle accident, many Florida players decline to wear headgear when riding on scooters.

Anna Simon and Julie Howle, Greenville News: Clemson fans are once again flooding a bowl city with $2 bills stamped with a Tiger Paw.

Yell Leader Is Sent Packing

Here's the best video yet of the Texas A&M Yell Leader saying, "Joe Paterno's on his death bed! And someone needs to find him a casket!"

A&M officials sent the unidentified Yell Leader home and spent Friday apologizing profusely for the remarks.

Paterno shrugged it off. "Hey, sticks and stones," the 81-year-old Penn State coach said. "That's what my mom used to say to me when they used to call me a 'wop' [a slur against his Italian heritage] when I was walking down the street."

Thanks to Snead for posting a link to the YouTube video.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Texas' Out-of-Control Sideline

Here is video of Texas' Chris Jessie, a member of the football operations staff, stepping onto the field to touch a live ball during Thursday night's Holiday Bowl in San Diego. The first word that comes to mind is idiot.

Now who in the hell is Chris Jessie? His stepfather is Longhorn coach Mack Brown. And the Sporting Orange claims to have found his MySpace page. Not good, my friends. No good.

The Texas sideline was quite animated throughout the 52-34 victory over Arizona State and received two warnings. Frankly, the Longhorns should have been penalized several times for having coaches and players step onto the field during live plays. But as they say, it's only cheating if you get caught.

Onto the game. Our friends at Image of Sport were on the scene and turned in another top-notch effort. Image of Sport is a one-stop sports photography wire service and digital archive to meet the demands of daily newspapers and editorial publications. You can view the complete gallery from the Holiday Bowl by clicking here.
Check this out: A rare shot of Brown and his staff legally staying off the playing field during a live play.
Jamal Charles ran around, through and over Arizona State defenders on his way to 161 yards and two touchdowns.
Texas had plenty to cheer about, including quarterback Colt McCoy winning offensive player of the game honors despite a severe case of fumbleitis. Defensive end Brian Orakpo was defensive player of the game.ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters and ESPN radio reporter Todd Harris were kept busy throughout the Longhorns' inspired victory, which will forever be remembered by Jessie's blunder.

Update: Below are three images that have already been located online of Jessie. The first is from his reported MySpace page. The second, well, we're not sure about that one, but he certainly seems a tad old for that form of activity. This kid is really lucky that Texas won. Otherwise all hell would have broke loose in the Longhorn State.

The third image is of the play in question. Note how many other Texas players and coaches are on the field during a live play. Like we said, this was the case throughout the game and the Longhorns received only two warnings in addition to the penalty on Jessie, which didn't come until after a lengthy review. It certainly seems like something strange happens every time the Longhorns play in California, doesn't it? Thanks to Deadspin.

Yell Leader: Find Paterno a Casket

A Texas A&M Yell Leader, one of the uniformed male cheerleaders who organize the regimented cheers, reportedly has been sent home after a tasteless remark at an Alamo Bowl pep rally Thursday night on the Riverwalk at San Antonio.

"Joe Paterno's on his death bed! And someone needs to find him a casket!" the unidentified yell leader screamed over a microphone, first to gasps and then thunderous boos from the Penn State fans.

According to David Jones of the Patriot-News, the yell leader had been "telling a lengthy and convoluted fantasy story that was falling flat. Finally, PSU fans began booing and chanting 'We are!...' At that point, the flustered yell leader fired back with his insult."

The man and other yell leaders then left the stage and Penn State cheerleaders replaced them. A male Nittany Lion cheerleader took the mike and remarked, "I'm not sure what just happened here."

Thanks to Kevin of We Are Penn State.

Update: KSAT has video of the incident.

Reporters' Notebooks

Sports By Brooks: Arkansas' Darren McFadden was spotted driving a new Cadillac Escalade and there may be questions surrounding his eligibility.

Greg Moore, Charleston Gazette: West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against its former coach, Rich Rodriguez, in an effort to secure a $4 million buyout from Rodriguez for breaking his contract with the school.

Manny Navarro and Susan Miller Degnan, Miami Herald: Miami quarterback Kirby Freeman has requested a release from his scholarship, according to multiple sources.

Chadd Cripe and Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman: About 24,000 tickets have been sold for Monday's Humanitarian Bowl in Boise.

Greg Johnson, Los Angeles Times: Money talks, playoff walks in the Bowl Championship Series.

Randy King, Roanoke Times: Virginia Tech will be without the services of leading rusher Branden Ore for at least 15 minutes of the Orange Bowl. He showed up 45 minutes late for practice and is being disciplined.

Brett McMurphy, Tampa Tribune: South Florida, preparing for the Sun Bowl at El Paso's Canutillo High, practiced in 44-degree weather, with wind gusts to 44 mph that dropped the wind chill to 33 degrees.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Coaches Telling Lies

You may have heard Ryan Parker's work on a sportstalk station, but two recent songs he composed caught our attention. The top offering is titled "Coaches Telling Lies" and should swing to the top of the charts the next time Alabama and Arkansas play.

The offering below is titled "Michigan Steals Coaches (From WVU)." At last count, Parker has 43 videos on YouTube. He also has a website, Ryan Parker Songs. Check it out.

Body of Work

Not sure what is going on or what to make of it, but the day we post a photo of a painted Alabama supermodel, another pops up on the redesigned Sports By Brooks.

Somebody, please explain ... is this a Southeastern Conference thing that's going around?

Anyway, we certainly give the edge to Louisiana State in this battle of the painted SEC supermodels. If there are more of these floating around, send them our way.

Reporters' Notebooks

Ferd Lewis, Honolulu Advertiser: Hawaii's June Jones says he has no interest in the opening at Southern Methodist. "I'm just interested in the University of Georgia," he said.

Kevin Tatum, Philadelphia Inquirer: Temple coach Al Golden announced he has withdrawn his name from consideration for the vacant job at UCLA.

Carter Strickland, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia's Mark Richt has barred his 21-year-old players from the Harrah's Casino in New Orleans, site of the Sugar Bowl.

Jeff D'Alessio, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Here are five things Erin Andrews can't live without.

Zach Silka, Toledo Blade: Michigan freshman quarterback Ryan Mallett, who doesn't seem like a fit to new coach Rich Rodriguez's offense, said he would like to remain a Wolverine.

Chip Brown, Dallas Morning News: Interesting Holiday Bowl news conference, with Arizona State's Dennis Erickson trying to joke with Texas' Mack Brown about Colt McCoy's 18 interceptions: "And don't give me the color-blind deal with the quarterback as to why he throws so many interceptions. Please."

Jake Trotter, Oklahoman: Oklahoma's Bob Stoops confirmed that defensive back Lendy Holmes is academically ineligible for the Fiesta Bowl.

Mel Bracht, Oklahoman: As Pat Haden prepares to broadcast the Fiesta Bowl, he thinks college football would be better off without the Bowl Championship Series.

Berry Tramel, Oklahoma: In an odd arrangement, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma will spend the week sharing a city — Phoenix — while awaiting bowl games.

Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press: Michigan's Mike Hart, whose "little brother" comment riled up Michigan State, had a face-to-face encounter with Spartan players during a Day for Kids Festival for the Orlando bowl participants.

Tom Kensler, Denver Post: Colorado's charter flight from Denver to Shreveport was delayed by mechanical troubles and the team missed an Independence Bowl welcoming party. Darn!

Tom Kubat, Lafayette Journal & Courier: If you had over 100 in the Motor City Bowl, you lost. Purdue beat Central Michigan, 51-48.

Ron Musselman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Five defensive players, including one starter, will miss Penn State's Alamo Bowl game against Texas A&M.

Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer: Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli blew off the media and went to Sea World in San Antonio.

Brent Zwerneman, San Antonio Express-News: Texas A&M sophomore tailback Mike Goodson said he has no intention to transfer to Louisiana State.

Mike DeArmond, Kansas City Star: The Cotton Bowl-bound Missouri Tigers noticed an upgrade from the slightly less grand accommodations at the Sun Bowl and the Independence Bowl.

Lee Hermiston, Iowa City Press-Citizen: Suspended Iowa player Anthony Bowman, charged with unauthorized use of a credit card, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Big Cigar Is Critical of West Virginia

Chances are you don't recognize the gentleman above, but that's Ken Kendrick, an executive with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He's also a 1965 graduate of West Virginia and a big booster of Mountaineer athletics.

After John Pruett of the Huntsville Times wrote a piece last Friday that was critical of West Virginia boosters who were in a tizzy over Rich Rodriguez's departure to Michigan, the columnist got a call from Kendrick.

"I grew up in that state,'' Kendrick said. "My heart is still in those mountains, even though I live 2,000 miles away.''

Kendrick told Pruett that Rodriguez was "signed, sealed and delivered" to be Alabama's coach last year and in the middle of the night he received a call from a university official asking if he would intercede.

"They said we know you know how to negotiate,'' Kendrick said, "and we know that you know Rich and we know you support the program. Can you help? I said, 'Well, I'll try.' ''

Kendrick spoke with Rodriguez and asked what it would take to keep the coach in Morgantown. "He wanted more money for his assistants, some improvements in facilities, an improved locker room, and some modest things — like waiving an old policy so that high school coaches could attend games free, and hiring another graduate assistant.''

Kendrick said he was "among a group of individuals who were willing to fund the whole thing,'' that "it wouldn't have cost the university a penny,'' and that "none of it would've come from taxpayers' money.''

Rodriguez agreed to stay, but in the subsequent months, Kendrick said West Virginia officials began to "stonewall" on promises made to Rodriguez. When Michigan called, Rodriguez was fed up.

"Rich Rodriguez is not the traitor he has been made out to be by some people in West Virginia,'' Kendrick said. "In his heart, I know he wanted to stay. But this time, he felt he had no choice but to leave.''

Then Kendrick let it fly: "We have a poorly run athletic department and an incompetent AD and assistant AD. This is a $50 million business — and it is a business — and they don't have a strategic plan. They still run the place like it was a business the size of a dry-cleaning store.''

Kendrick said it's not his place to say who should be the next coach, but he's clearly worried what is ahead for the Mountaineers.

"I do believe our next coach will have at least momentary successes, based on what Rich has left behind,'' he said. "But I'm worried that our moment in time has passed. I'm afraid our chances of returning to mediocrity are pretty damn high.''

Roll Tide

Citizens of Shreveport, consider this your final warning. Alabama fans are preparing to descend on your city for Sunday's Independence Bowl matchup against Colorado and creatures such as the one above will soon be roaming the streets.

We're not sure where blogging buddy Erik comes up with this material — come to think of it, we really don't want to know. But he has more painted supermodels at Deep South Sports.

Mac vs. PC Becomes Hokie vs. Jayhawk

You've no doubt seen the successful Mac vs. PC commercials by Apple Computer. This spoof of that advertising campaign deals with the Orange Bowl matchup between Virginia Tech and Kansas. There are three of these videos at the moment on YouTube, and the one we've posted discusses Kansas' schedule.

Reporters' Notebooks

Candace Buckner, Kansas City Star: U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has a point when talking about the Tigers and the Bowl Championship Series. “Now let me see if I get this straight. We beat Illinois, they’re going to the BCS. We beat KU, they’re going to the BCS. What is wrong with this picture?”

Terrance Harris, Houston Chronicle: Has the Western Athletic Conference passed the Mountain West as the second-best league in the West behind the Pacific 10?

Joseph Person, Houston Chronicle: Move over Emeril. Linebacker Robert Killebrew is tempting the taste buds of Texas fans with a series of cooking shows on the team's website.

Barry Jackson, Miami Herald: Among the items drawing considerable interest in the upcoming Orange Bowl auction are the stadium urinals.

Tom Kubat, Lafayette Journal & Courier: If Purdue is going to beat Central Michigan for the second time this season and snap a three-game bowl losing streak, it will have to figure out a way to contain quarterback Dan LeFevour.

Brandon George, Dallas Morning News: The father of Oklahoma junior defensive back Lendy Holmes said that his son is academically ineligible and won't play in the Fiesta Bowl against West Virginia.

Mike Hlas, Cedar Rapids Gazette: OK, being in a few bowl pools online and at work increases the interest. Football without gambling is, after all, soccer.

Phil Steele: It says here that Washington played the toughest schedule, Hawaii the easiest. Thanks to Get the Picture.

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