Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Louisiana State: Best Big Rig in the Land

If you ever see Louisiana State's big rig rolling down the road, you won't forget it. With vivid graphics that adorn the trailer, a matching Peterbilt tractor and aluminum wheels front to back, this is one styling rig. It's easy to see why our readers made it a runaway winner in our poll to determine the best college football big rig.

The trailer was put together by Jackson Truck & Trailer of Kenner, La., and it includes a 6,600-pound liftgate for loading/offloading at locations that do not have a loading dock. Sales manager Greg Bucher points out that "not one penny of student tuition was spent on the trailer, as stated in the LSU Sports article. The trailer was paid for by the LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation and donated to the university in 2004." At that time, cost of the trailer was approximately $40,000. Bucher said his business also builds trailers for national companies like Coca Cola and Target and he's interested in marketing trailers to other schools.
The details on the graphics are magnificent. If you look close at the above photo, you'll see the field has yard makers every five yards, part of the unique feature of LSU's Death Valley. The graphics were designed by the LSU athletic department and installed by Color-1 graphics.
Arnold Springer, standing next the the tractor, and Bobby Duke are the drivers. Springer tells us driving the rig is quite the experience. "I can not tell you how many times that I have had my photo taken while driving down the interstate and in rest areas or at fuel stops, let alone at the games. One of the amazing things that we
find is how many opponent's fans want their picture taken
with the truck."

The tractor is leased by the univerisity from Glen Elrod of PacLease/Peterbilt of Louisiana located in Baton Rouge. The cab is customized, of course, even down to the dashboard, which is affixed with a reminder of the 2003 national championship team.
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Mike P. said...

I'm suprised they didn't take the 2003 Saban-led NC placard off. They are not above doing petty shit like that.

Anonymous said...

Yes - we paid Saban handsomely for leading the Dinardo-recruited Seniors to the NC. I think we'll hang on to it.

amiznit said...

Actually the only Dinardo recruits in '03 were RS-Seniors. That team was mostly Saban's guys.