Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Wheels Keep Rolling

Responses continue to pour in for our truck feature and so do pictures of big rigs. Dan of College Football Tour Guide sent us a picture of the Oregon and Oklahoma trucks at the 2005 Holiday Bowl in San Diego. Gotta love the "Keep On Duckin' " on the side of the Oregon trailer.

Jason of Big Red Network sent us a shot of the Colorado trailer parked outside of Nebraska's Memorial Stadium, and Rory sent us a glimpse of Nevada's rig outside Fresno State's Bulldog Stadium. Unfortunately, we had to disqualify these two images from our poll because we couldn't see enough of the rigs.

Iowa fans are also pounding us with emails about their rig. The photo used in the poll came from the 2005 Iowa-Iowa State game in Ames, but Hawkeye followers — Brady and Matthew among them — said the rig is an impostor. The 18-wheeler pictured on the bottom is said to be the official rig.

There's still time to vote in our poll, but Penn State fans are already proclaiming victory.

1 comment:

Rory said...

You'd think that with as many times the Ducks have changed uniforms, they could at least update their rig! Isn't that the Duck logo from the late 90s?

Phil Knight, send a check pronto!