Monday, April 02, 2007

We Present the Big Rig Runnerup

A week ago, we posted our poll for best big rig and at last count, over 9,000 readers voted. Although voting continues, we're confident of the top two finishers, and we will honor each, beginning today with the runnerup from Penn State.

Much like the Miss America contest, if the winner is unable to fulfill all of the duties associated with being named big rig of the year or is relieved of its duties, the runnerup will be asked to step in.

What are the duties you ask? Maintaining a safe driving record, not traveling with a heavy load, having proper paperwork on hand at all times and generally not doing anything that could besmirch the good name of the university or the Wiz.

Take another look at the beautiful Penn State rig. According to Kevin of We Are Penn State, the Nittany Lions — no doubt miffed over finishing second — are already making improvements for 2007, adding a new blue truck, below, to better match the snazzy trailer.

On Tuesday, we will honor our winner, Louisiana State.

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