Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oklahoma Takes Pride in the Ride

Take a look at Sooner One, a 53-foot big rig that holds up to 60,000 pounds of Oklahoma gear. Readers Rob and Keith each contacted the Wiz about this 18-wheeler, which was first put to the test in 2003.

The trailer's backside features a crisp graphic of Sooner players holding helmets aloft. The rig was prominently featured in a 2004 piece by ESPN's Wayne Drehs.

You can see more images of Sooner One, including a look at the interior, by going to Sooner Sports.

At the conclusion of this feature, we plan to conduct a poll to decide the best rig of the bunch. If you want your team represented, send us a link or photo.

Previous featured rigs: North Carolina State, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Alabama, Ohio State, Texas A&M and Penn State, Michigan, Iowa and California.


Brady said...
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Brady said...

trying to find some better pics of the IOWA semi, but it's alittle harder than I thought.

Here's one though.