Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bush Banned From Playboy Mansion?

Former USC and Heisman Trophy winning tailback Reggie Bush has been banned from the Playboy Mansion, according to Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News.

Writes Wolf: "Our spies tell us former USC tailback Reggie Bush is persona non grata at the Playboy Mansion because of a conduct violation. And no, it was nothing involving a Playmate."

Bush, of course, is now a Saint. A New Orleans Saint. But it appears even a Saint can be sinner.

Speaking of sinning, we'd love to get in touch with a Playmate to get the inside scoop, so if you're out there, the Wiz is waiting for you! Thanks to Mike for sending this our way.

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Anonymous said...

Just reading the title led me to believe the article was about something completely different (and it has nothing to do with sports).

Michael Pigott said...

You can take the man's Heisman, strip his team of the NC, but don't do this. It's cruel and unusual punishment, if you ask me.

Favorite Hugh Hefner story:

He asked a playmate out for a date. She stated that it would feel weird because she's never dated anyone over the age of 25. He quickly replied that neither had he.

P.S. If anyone care to Google her, my mother in law was the cover girl for Playboy in Feb. 1969. Before you ask, no she doesn't look like that anymore.

Anonymous said...

I heard Matt Lienart was banned as well...I have no evidence or proof but who would come uip with that?

Anonymous said...

Lienart was banned because he caught teh ghey!!