Thursday, March 29, 2007

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

We're not sure where this road is taking us, but with no weigh station in sight, we continue our big rig journey. Erik of Deep South Sports sent shots of the Mississippi rig parked outside of Wyoming's War Memorial Stadium in 2004. Back then, the Rebels were coached by David Cutcliffe, and he was prominently displayed on the rear of the "Rebel Express."

Of note here is that the Mississippi rig has Tennessee plates. What is up with that? And guess where Cutcliffe is coaching these days? Tennessee, of course, where he is Phillip Fulmer's offensive coordinator. Hopefully the rig has gotten a makeover since these photos were taken.

Without question, the Army rig below is among the finest we've seen. It was sent to us by Cadet John, who writes, "The Army football team has had it's ups and downs recently, but to me this truck is as good, if not better, than the others on the site." John, as any true cadet would say, closes with, "Beat Navy!"

Back to our poll. Wednesday saw a stunning turnaround, with Louisiana State surging ahead of Penn State for the best rig. The Nittany Lions were taking it on the chin left and right, including this shot from AOL's NCAA Fanhouse.

Keep the rigs coming. If we get enough images for a second poll, we will have one. Then a runoff to determine the champion.


SMQ said...

Oxford is pretty close to the Tennessee border. The truck may be housed there.

Erik said...

Even so, it seems pretty silly. Like American Flags made in Mexico.