Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Memphis Polishing Its Resume?

Shakeups are inevitable in college football. In June, after the Kansas City Star mentioned the possibility of Colorado moving to the Pac-10 and Arkansas moving to the Big 12, you had to wonder what the SEC might have in mind if it were to lose a team. Certainly Memphis has geographical appeal. So when the Tigers' poster schedule landed on our doorstep, thanks to reader Mark, we weren't surprised to see a polished effort. It's certainly better than many of the offerings we've displayed from SEC teams. You can take a look for yourself. Here's the list of posters featured thus far: Arizona, North Carolina State, Oregon, Wyoming, Nevada, Kentucky, Clemson, Fresno State, Rice, Alabama, Oklahoma, Toledo, Vanderbilt-Tennessee, Washington State-Washington, Brigham Young-West Virginia-Northern Illinois, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Louisiana State, UCLA, Ohio State, Mississippi State, Auburn, South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida State, Florida, Iowa State and USC. Send a link or image of your team's poster schedule to dawizofodds (at) aol.com.

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