Friday, August 18, 2006

Don't Even Bother to Open the Mailing Tube

Too much stuff stacked on top of each other, no real organization and a lot of cleaning up to do. Average effort from Alabama, folks. And reader David, who sent us the image, points out that Tyrone Prothro (No. 4) is front and center. Chances are the receiver won't play a down this season after a gruesome injury (warning: this is tough to look at) to his left leg and ankle last October. We even consulted the good folks over at Roll Bama Roll. They were quick to point out that the background shot of Bryant-Denny Stadium, which has been expanded, appears to show unfinished construction. Not cool! ... Send your team's poster schedule to dawizofodds (at) Here's the ever-expanding list of posters that have been featured: Oklahoma, Toledo, Vanderbilt-Tennessee, Washington State-Washington, Brigham Young-West Virginia-Northern Illinois, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Louisiana State, UCLA, Ohio State, Mississippi State, Auburn, South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida State, Florida, Iowa State and USC.


Anonymous said...

That thing is just a mess. Not only could something better have been done to showcase the stadium expansion, it's also the university's 175th anniversary and they're really pushing that this year. I would've liked to see something much cleaner that was in line with the other "175" material the school has put out.

I'm not even sure I'll hang that in my office at home and that's a room that almost no one ever goes into besides me.

Michael Pigott said...

Congratulations on finding a schedule. I figured this would take a Dead Sea Scroll finale and I would find it next year.