Friday, July 11, 2008

Eskimo Joe's

It takes years of dedication to fill your arteries with cholesterol. When you finally near the summit and are seeking that one dish to put you over the edge, we have the place for you: Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater.

Yes, we're talking cheese fries.

This bizarre creation has become the stuff of legend in the Midwest. Even the first President Bush endorsed cheese fries during the 1990 Oklahoma State commencement ceremony.

There's quite a story behind Eskimo Joe's and you can read about it on their website, which includes a webcam. But we wanted the inside scoop on the cheese fries and those rumors of hot chicks in — of all places — Stillwater. No better source than the gang at 1430 The Buzz in Tulsa.

First let's hear from Chris Plank, who also does the weekend third shift on Fox Sports Radio:

"Eskimo Joe's is a necessary stop before and after every Oklahoma State sporting event. There is no better way to get ready for kick- or tip-off than having a full plate of cheese fries and a couple of ice cold beers. Eskimo Joe's truly captures the college lifestyle and somehow maintains a certain family friendly feel before the game (probably not so much afterward).

"The thing that is incredible about Eskimo Joe's is the massive popularity of its logo and gear across Oklahoma. I mean don't get me wrong, gameday is not complete until you make the trip to Joe's. But it's almost as necessary to sport your Eskimo Joe's gear!

"The Joe Dome is usually rocking with live music, but the most amazing part — hot chicks. I mean they are everywhere! Might be something in the water."
Also giving a ringing endorsement is Don King, co-host of the Big Show:

"Eskimo Joe's recently celebrated its 33rd anniversary. I happened to be in school there when it first opened as only a beer bar because the drinking age at the time was 18. Once the age went to 21 — in 1985 — it became a restaurant that really grew its popularity. In fact, the logo and merchandising sales are reported to be second in the nation only to the Hard Rock Cafe logo and merchandising sales.

"Having been to sporting events throughout the Midwest, I feel there is no better place in the Big 12 that captures a true sports bar atmosphere to follow your team. They have the TV sound down and the OSU radio broadcast piped in. That's the way the patrons want it!"

What do the readers have to say? Thumbs up or thumbs down on Eskimo Joe's?

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furrer4heisman said...

-Not close enough to the stadium.
-Atmosphere really not that great.
-Service and selection are terrible.
-However, I would kill for their cheesefries.

Anonymous said...

When I read the 1st comment I thought the poster had to be on drugs.....then I looked at their profile and was validated...OU fan.

The place is awesome, hands down and haven't heard anybody that isn't bias say then didn't have a great time there. Good ambience, in the Shadow of the stadium, Hot Staff and cold beers....everything you could want on a gameday.

furrer4heisman said...

sorry dude, im just loyal to JR Murphys when in stilly.