Monday, June 16, 2008

O'Connell's Irish Pub & Grille

After extended time off to recover from one nasty hangover, we're back with the Thirst and 10 contest. Check out O'Connell's Irish Pub & Grille in Norman, the place for die-hard Oklahoma fans.

O'Connell's opened in 1968 and offers the usual trappings of big screen TVs, the finest selection of greasy food and — most important — beer. Memorial Stadium is right across the street (see image below), meaning you can consume up to the coin flip and make a made dash in an attempt to see the kickoff.

Outside of the joint being called pricey for college students, reviews in cyberspace are favorable. Ryan of the Virginia Tech site Gobbler Country has visited O'Connell's and had this to say:

"O'Connell's is the best gameday bar I've been to. The beer flows freely, there's not a lot of waiting for drinks and inside there are six flat screens that show football and a big projection screen in the parking lot that shows the best game on at the time.

"O'Connell's is just a classic college bar that has a tremendous gameday atmosphere. Perfect mix of beautiful college-aged women, college kids and alumni."
Now here's the very, very bad news. It's last call for O'Connell's! The damn university bought the land and the 2008 season is expected to be the last for O'Connell's. In it's place will go a parking lot. And they call that progress?

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WoodrowWilson said...

Yes, it's closing down in it's current location but they are moving to an area called "Campus Corner" that is on right on the west side of the stadium.

Anonymous said...

you gonna profile the bear's lair in berkeley?

Mike D said...

Campus Corner is north of the stadium -- not west.