Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Welcome to Dirtbag's, a part of growing up in Tucson. A part you're not likely to remember. It's our second entry in Thirst and 10.

Dirtbag's opened its doors in 1982 and serves a variety of concoctions, from the Sicilian Whore (eight exotic liquors with a pineapple flair) to the Cocaine Shooter (vodka, raspberry liqueur and grapefruit juice). And if you're a risk-taker, try the Surfer on Acid. (Dirtbag's doesn't even list the ingredients in that one.) Fortunately, Arizona Stadium is only a short walk (crawl?) from the front door.

The establishment is separated into three areas, the first being a rectangular room with a large bar and wood interior. Framed newspaper clippings line the walls. The waitresses? Top-notch, according to reader Marc.
Venture deeper and you'll find a room with a mini bar and additional seating. The menu includes the Dirtburger, a half-pound of ground beef, and Dirtfries.

The third area is an outside patio with about a dozen tables. A great place to soak in the warm desert nights.

Not everybody is fond of the place. Check out this review: "Dirtbags is full of the U of A set. Ditsy blondes and steroid abusing jocks. If it was not for the music all you would here is 'Oh, my god', 'My daddy gave me a Bentley' and so on. Give it a miss unless you really want to be subjected to this. The barstaff are rude too."

Let's hear what the readers have to say. Post your review in comments.


Anonymous said...

Dirtbags was the bar August Busch IV was at the night he crashed his corvette that ended up killing a girl. Of course he got away with it.

This is from his Wikipedia page:

Controversial Events

In 1983, while attending college in Arizona, Busch was involved in a wreck that killed a young woman riding with him in his Corvette. [2] According to Tucson, AZ police, Busch had left a bar early one morning and wrecked his vehicle while making a sharp turn at high speed. His passenger, a local waitress, was killed in the accident. Busch left the scene of the accident without informing the police. Police found him at his Tucson townhouse eight hours later with blood still on his person. Manslaughter charges against Busch were eventually dropped after evidence (blood and urine taken from Busch the day of the accident) was lost or damaged.

Sammy Davis Jr. said...

A Surfer on Acid is Jager, Coconut Rum, and a splash of Pineapple Juice.

So yeah it isn't that harsh of a shot. More of a girly shot if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Love Dirtbags. Love the Dirtburger. Love the Dirt Fries. Love those Arizona girls.

A worthy submission to your list. Dirtbag's. It's a part of growing up.

Lee said...


anonymous is obiouvsly a complete tard, either that or a straight shill.

I went to UofA for 4/5 years. and I used to run the Dirtbags marathon for almost 2 of those and I can say that I never knew anyone to ever eat a god dAMN thing at that dump. Yes the bartenders are mostly worthless and yes the food is bad as hell but no on in their right mind goes there for either of those.

Its about the pussy and drugs. Dirtbags has the advantage of being located next to end of frat row to its south. The parking lot access allows from direct campus access. Then you got a 7-11 to its immediate west and Taco Bell and Wendy's to its east.

location aside the bitches get crazy drunk on the regular and drug dealing at dbags was always one contact away. people get insanely drunk and when the place closes there are few funnier scenes than drunk fuckers burning rubber out of the lot. Then add the steady flow of pimped out hoes looking for rides or cabs/ or both.

in summary, if you want a shot at hard drugs, a chance to grope some college tang and a painful buzz then check out dbags.

If you abhor the greek scene and the meat headed muscle bound roiders, popped collars and neon encrusted then avoid it like the plague.

better off going to no anchovies, frogs, che's or the buffet. (plus the buffet opens at 6:00am for those hard core alchys)