Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Leach: Tech-LSU Was Never in the Works

If Texas Tech didn't want anything to do with an Aug. 30 game against Louisiana State, it comes as news to the head Red Raider himself, Mike Leach.

A ranking member of the Texas Tech community who wishes to remain anonymous emailed us with an item that appeared on the Texas Tech Rivals affiliate. It's on the premium forum, and in the interest of fairness, here is what it said:

"It was reported earlier today by the LSU Rivals site in which LSU's Senior Associate Athletic Director Verge Ausberry said, 'The AD at [Texas Tech] wanted to play. The head coach turned it down. People are not going to play home and home with LSU.'

"After speaking with Head Coach Mike Leach just moments ago, we can confirm that there's actually more to the story:

" 'I never talked to the guy at LSU,' said Leach. 'We needed a home game and I never heard of anything about LSU planning to come here. I never heard anything about that. I never talked to anybody from LSU. We needed a home game, and all I heard was that they wanted it up there.'

"It seems that the Tigers were a little more one-sided in the short talks with Tech than Ausberry would like to admit. Of course, the LSU and Tech talks did not last long as the Red Raiders filled the August 30th home opener with Eastern Washington."


Three N Out said...

Texas Tech - anyone, anywhere, anytime.

As long as you're not that good, it's in Lubbock, and an afternoon game (hangovers.)

Bob Knight's Eyebrows said...

knute is not handling both sides of the story well...too bad the facts aren't working out the way you would like them to.