Saturday, December 08, 2007

Your Heisman Winner

Tim Tebow, who was sacked six times in Florida's 42-30 loss to Georgia, is your Heisman winner. Congratulations to those who wagered on Tebow at 14-1 odds to win this trophy. You may now cash your tickets. For those of you who had Darren McFadden (7-1), Colt Brennan (8-1) or Chase Daniel (22-1), you're out of luck.

Tebow isn't even listed among the favorites to win the award in 2008, according to Heisman Pundit. Among those listed: Ohio State's Chris Wells, West Virginia's Pat White, Florida's Percy Harvin, Texas' Jamaal Charles and Colt McCoy, Clemson's C.J. Spiller and Daniel.


Doobz said...

Why the hate on Tebow?

greg6363 said...

It's not so much hate as it is indifference. Empty statistics are the story of Tebow's season. When it comes to the big games that Florida played this season (Auburn, Georgia, LSU), they lost them all. There was no "wow" factor to his play this season.

Doobz said...

Sounds more like envy.

Why are LSU, UGA, and AU the big games this year? Because UF lost them? Any UF fan will tell you that the BIG games of the year are UT, FSU, and UGA. UF went 2-1 in those games.

But even if you look at Tebow's stats in the games that for some reason you think were bigger, they are nothing to scowl at.

AU: 275 yards, 2 TDs
LSU: 225 yards, 3 TDs
UGA: 221 yards, 3 TDs

All 3 of those defenses are top 20 in the country and yea, he probably put up the worst stats of this year in those games, but those aren't bad stats for ANY QB, especially against GREAT defenses.

It's amazing how much hate for Tebow is thrown out. There have been doubters since he stepped on campus and every single time people doubt he proves them wrong. When will people learn? He IS the real deal. How some people still don't see it is beyond me.

greg6363 said...

Yes, those Seminoles struck fear into the heart of their opponents on their way to a 7-5 record. Besides, the Gators beat Tennessee early in the season.

Doobz said...

UF played AU and LSU pretty early in the year as well, but I don't hear you complaining about that.

I'd be willing to bet you are a fan of UGA, Miami, or some other team that has some beef with the Gators. Your envy is painfully obvious.

Two things you said made you lose all credibility:
1) Calling AU and LSU two of UF's three biggest games
2) Saying there is no "wow" factor to what Tim Tebow did this season. I guess there was no wow factor for any QB in SEC/Heisman history.

Quit the envious talk and just give the man his due. He is good and anyone who says otherwise needs to take their head out of their ass.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone thinks Tim Tebow is bad?? but the other guy is correct, there was no "wow" factor from Tebow. and he under performed in losses.

chase daniels had a great season with exception to his two losses. by that note, he should have won the Heisman.

It's just NO ONE desreved the Heisman this season. heisman hopefuls fell like the #2 team did all season...every week.

tim tebow, like Offender St University, fell into something b/c other people started falling apart late in the year.

greg6363 said...

Hey, doobz. In the interest of full disclosure, my undergraduate degree is from USC and my graduate degrees are from Texas Tech and Auburn so I have nothing against the Gators. If you want to analyze the performance of previous Heisman winning college quarterbacks since 1980, let's review the list : Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Jason White, Carson Palmer, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Danny Wuerffel, Charlie Ward, Gino Torretta, Ty Detmer, Andre Ware, Vinny Testaverde and Doug Flutie. While some of these players were on teams with a top-5 ranking (Smith, White, Crouch, Weinke and Torretta), the remaining players were truly dominant who had big game performances that left an lasting impression on the college football landscape (the "wow" factor). The award is not about being good, it's about greatness. Tebow is not in the class of these previous winners.

greg6363 said...

At least Colt Brennan's performances led his team to an undefeated season, regardless of Hawaii's conference affiliation. June Jones is correct of his assessment of both players.

Ben Rockwell said...

What everyone seems to be forgetting is that ESPN crowned Tebow the Heisman winner in about Week 1, and there was no way they were going to be wrong. Remember LSU being an early favorite, dropping two, and still ending up in the BCS title game? If ESPN says so, it is made so. That simple. Those fools are ruining college football.

Anonymous said...

doobz i don't even know what to say about some of the arguments you are getting on here.

greg you don't support your argument very well by implying that tebow only racked up his big numbers against lesser teams, only to then turn around and support colt brennan...who played weaker competition than any qb in america.

it may not have been exciting, but tebow deserved the trophy. if you don't think so then you simply didn't watch him enough...that's the only conclusion i can come to.

greg6363 said...

I never said anything about "lesser teams." I believe I said "big games." Boise State and Washington can be considered important games for Hawaii since they were for the conference championship and an undefeated season. In the case of Florida, the important games against the top three SEC teams were LSU, Auburn and Georgia and the Gators lost all of them. A great quarterback would have lead his teams to victory in at least one of those games and Tebow didn't . Hey, I think Tebow is a good quarterback but I would expect some clutch performances from someone who wins the Heisman as a sophomore. For the record, I would have selected McFadden. Those spectacular performances against South Carolina and LSU late in the season outweighed the mediocre performances early in the season.

Anonymous said...

it sounds to me like you're seeing what you want to see for whatever reason. look, tebow may not be the most exciting heisman ever, but nobody stepped up and definitively claimed it this year, so i think the consesus was obviously that tebow was the most deserving.

i honestly don't even give a damn about the heisman in comparison to the cluster eff that is the national championship.

Doobz said...


I don't feel bad at all by saying: you are an idiot.

Tebow was the head of the offense that averaged 460+ YPG and 43+ PPG. UF lost 9 out of 11 starters from the 2006 defense and were starting 8 out of 11 players who were either freshmen or sophomores against the #8 SOS in the country. Against LSU, AU, and UGA the defense cost UF the game every time.

If you had any idea what you were talking about you would know that Florida has one of the best offenses in the country. Tebow doesn't play defense. He couldn't get out there and stop AU/UGA/LSU down UF's throat.

Talking about losses from a Heisman candidate is one of the weakest arguments I've ever heard. What if UF had the defense of USC or AU or OSU? Would Tebow then be considered a bettter player because he would have won the games?

If a guy who averages over 330 YPG and 4+ TDs doesn't "WOW" you, then perhaps you should find another sport.

You can keep your delusional opinion but guess what? O'Brien, Maxwell, and Heisman voters disagree. Keep hating. And remember: He can't throw the football. LOL!!

greg6363 said...

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You love Tebow, fine. He won the Heisman, fine. Defending your position with a personal insult, fine. I'm sure you'll be sitting in front of your Tim Tebow shrine while watching your Gators in that meaningless bowl game in Orlando. Happy New Year to you. Now get a life.

Doobz said...

I guess you ran out of baseless smack to talk about an individual who is dominating college football as a true sophomore. The sour grapes have become prunes. LOL!!

greg6363 said...

Dominating?! What a description for a 9-3 (5-3 SEC) season. You get back to me when Tebow wins a big game.

Doobz said...

You get back to ME when you pull your head out of your ass.

One player can not win games by himself. The Heisman does not go to the best player on the best team. It goes to the best player in college football regardless of whether or not he plays for an 0-12 team or a 12-0 team. You saying otherwise shows your lack of knowledge of the true meaning of the award.

If 330+ YPG and 4+ TDs PG is not dominating, please tell me what is. Please tell me what other player has scored 51 TDs in one season in the SEC (in 12 games too).

Tim played GREAT in every game this season. The fact that you are sitting at the edge of your spider-man chair shoving nacho cheese doritos into your metal-laced nerd mouth while refreshing the page just so you can prove me otherwise just shows that you are a hater.

Get off the kid's balls. He is better than anyone on whatever team you are rooting for this week.

greg6363 said...

I wouldn't talk about balls when it comes to your fawning of Tebow. Besides, I'll take Auburn's two straight wins over your Gators anyday. Scoreboard, buddy.

Doobz said...

You can take your win. I think the Gators will take their two national titles in the past 11 years. When was the last time AU won a national title?

Thanks for playing.

greg6363 said...

Do I have to use the Trojan card on you, doobz? 8 national championships! 2 during this decade....and more to come.

Doobz said...

Yes, USC having 8 national titles really supports your argument that Tebow isn't any good. Good call, dumbass.


greg6363 said...

Actually, I was referring to a USC program with a quarterback that was better than Tim Tebow who actually won a Heisman while leading his team to an UNDEFEATED season and a national championship. Matt Leinart won BIG games against quality non-conference opponents like Virginia Tech, Auburn and Notre Dame (all on the road) unlike Tebow who generated those stats you droll over against lightweights like Western Kentucky and Florida Atlantic. Your boy has his Heisman. Now give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who noticed the rack on that chick? Why all the empty football talk?

Doobz said...

Go look up UF's SOS. It is top 10 in the country every year. Number 8 as of today (meanwhile USC's SOS is sitting at 75th). Tebow put up far better numbers than any Heisman winning QB at USC. Congrats on quality OOC opponents like ND (LOL!!!). UF plays in the toughest division/conference in America and completely dominated it unlike any other QB in its history.

0 USC QBs have done what Tebow did.
0 SEC QBs have done what Tebow did.
0 QBs have done with Tebow did.

Quit crying.

greg6363 said...

Completely dominated the SEC with THREE conference losses?????? Whatever.

Dudy said...

2 master degrees cannot help greg6363 understand what has been said like 6363 times in previous posts. Tebow does not play defense.

Sheesh...that's the craziness about team sports with individual awards.

51 TDs in the SEC. Plus, regardless of the Western Kentuckys of the world, UF had one of the TOUGHEST schedules in the country.

I "voted" (in my head) for DMAC, but Kudos to Tebow.

greg6363 said...


Doobz said...

Hey greg,

Who was the last player to win the Heisman, O'Brien, and Maxwell awards in the same year? I'll give you a clue... it wasn't anyone from USC or AU.

Keep hatin'.

Anonymous said...

damn tebow's awesome. no wow factor, yet everyone's already calling him the greatest college football player ever. did someone really put "troy smith" as the bar for good heisman winners? someone asked for a memorable moment from TT's career - what's tom brady's signature moment? TB's done nothing spectacular either - except for those awards/rings, stats, wins, and soon-to-be records - but he's also considered by many the best ever, imagine that. "moments" don't win awards, years do.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'd just like to say greg, that your arguments are really pretty bad. A quarterback can do everything possible, but if his team doesn't get that one last stop (4th and 2 against LSU, key 3rd down against Auburn, and getting flat out lit up by the Dawgs) then it doesn't matter how well he plays. Case and point, Peyton Manning in the NFL for a long time.

Also, as for "wow" factor, or memorable wins, how about the 5 TDs against South Carolina? Or throwing for 2 TDs with a broken hand against FSU? I mean, the guy's incredible, and he totally deserved the Heisman. And he did all this stuff with basically no running back, whereas Leinart in MANY big games had to basically turn to Bush and White to bail him out. He was still great don't get me wrong, but Tebow has 29 TDs and about 3,000 yards passing AND another 22 TDs and roughly 900 yards rushing! That's ridiculous for one player.

And no, I'm not a Tebow fan. Personally I hate his friggin' guts, because I go to UGA. But we sacked his ass 6 times and lit up the UF secondary like a Christmas tree, so w/e.

Also, we obliterated Auburn 45-20, so, there's that too.

Anonymous said...

to SicEm615

I like you. haha.

Tebow did great. I go to FSU and I root for FSU all day long, but Tebow is an awesome quarterback. However, I believe half of the students at UF say their prayers to Tebow at night and am quite frankly sick of it.

Anonymous said...

Did any Tebow haters note that what he did this year has NEVER been done in SEC history? Did you know that his 51 TD's (not counting the bowl)is by far the SEC record. The previous record was 41. That means he produced 25%more TD's in a season than ANY player in SEC history.

Did you note that his accumulation of 51 TD's (again, not counting the bowl) is more than ANY Heisman winning QB ever?

Did you notice that his accumulation of 22 rushing TD's (not counting the bowl) is an SEC record and is more than Herchel Walker, Bo Jackson, etc, etc. That is also an NCAA record for QB's.

If you try to make the argument that they were all short TD's first I would say, if you watched each game, you would realize they were not any different than most RB's. Secondly, I would say, if it were so easy, why has only one other QB in history ever done (especially those from lower tier conferences)?

What he did was ridiculous. The fact it was in the SEC makes it even more ridiculous. It is, by far, the best offensive season EVER for an SEC player and, arguably, for any player. If you haven't noticed, there have been some pretty decent players in the SEC.

That is why he won the Heisman. That is why the people voting had the sense to vote for him and it wasn't really close. I'm an LSU fan but I realize the magnitude of what this guy has done. If he was on your team, you would be a Tebow lover. Give the kid his due.