Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Booty Is the Man to Beat in Heisman Chase

USC quarterback John David Booty, left, is the frontrunner to win the Heisman, according to odds listed on the Internet.

Three of the past five Heismans have gone to players from USC, including quarterbacks Carson Palmer in 2002 and Matt Leinart in 2004. Reggie Bush won the award in 2005.

Chris Huston, who runs the site Heisman Pundit, outlined several reasons why Booty was considered the frontrunner when he was a guest on the radio show last weekend. You can listen to that interview by clicking here.

Huston also mentioned several darkhorse candidates, including Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller, who was not singled out on Bodog's list. Keller falls under field (all other players) and his chances are 7-1.

Unlike Booty, Keller's campaign is unique. His chances are not as strongly tied to Nebraska's record, much like Booty's are to USC, and he will have the opportunity to put up monster games against some questionable secondaries in the Big 12.

The Los Angeles Times, using odds from Vegas Insider, listed Booty (5-1) as the favorite along with West Virginia's Steve Slaton (5-1) and ahead of Arkansas' Darren McFadden (6-1), Louisville's Brian Brohm (6.5-1) and Hawaii's Colt Brennan (8-1) Below are Heisman odds according to Bodog:
Brian Brohm, Louisville
John David Booty, USC
Steve Slaton, West Virginia
Darren McFadden, Arkansas
Colt Brennan, Hawaii; Ray Rice, Rutgers
Mike Hart, Michigan
Tim Tebow, Florida
Pat White, West Virginia
Chad Henne, Michigan; C.J. Spiller, Clemson
Colt McCoy, Texas
Chase Daniel, Missouri; Percy Harvin, Florida
C.J. Gable, USC
Jonathan Stewart, Oregon
Anthony Morelli, Penn State
Matthew Stafford, Georgia


Penn State Football said...

That's one freaking ugly collection of odds. I don't think any of them are close to +EV. I refuse to trade where there's not a two-sided market.

Anonymous said...

You just failed your math lesson for today. According to those odds, Brohm would be the favorite.

Anonymous said...

i hope you don't bet on sports because you can't do 5th grade math

dawizofodds said...

Yes, Brohm is a slight favorite on Bodog, but the post has been amended to include a second source, Vegas Insider, which was also cited by the Los Angeles Times as making Booty the frontrunner ahead of Brohm.

statsprof said...

Come on, you're better than that. You screwed up Slaton too. Fess up and correct it.

Brohm > Booty > Slaton > McFadden ...

Erik said...

I claim that smart money is on Keller. Before his hand injury (around halftime against USC in '06), the man was astoundingly unstoppable. He's not a great character, but he's an excellent college quarterback.

Rich Kotite said...

You want a sleeper? Josh Portis; Maryland QB.

The guy was the # 1 recruit a few years ago, and got sick and tired of backing up Chris Leak at Florida, so he transferred to be a Terp. He's the first QB that head coach Ralph Friedgen has had who runs the offense Friedgen runs - an option one - and Portis, who's cousin is Clinton, is the speediest guy on the team. Wins versus big ACC schools get you noticed, and there really aren't that many big names this year; no super-front runners, besides Brohm and Booty; but Booty is a bitch, and Brohm has a new coach ...

Anonymous said...

how the heck can tebow get 10-1 odds when he even isn't the best qb in the sec???? um how bout Woodson getting those odds instead?