Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Did He or Didn't He?

Is this holding? Eleven months have passed, but Missouri right guard Monte Wyrick says he did nothing wrong on this play, which resulted in a penalty on Wyrick for holding then-Iowa State linebacker Tyrone McKenzie. (McKenzie is now at South Florida, but that's another story.)

The Tigers trailed, 21-16, and were facing fourth down from the Cyclone one, but quarterback Chase Daniel squeezed into the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown with 21 seconds left. Or so the Tigers thought. There was a flag. Holding on Wyrick.

On the next play, Daniel was sacked and the Tigers had lost.

"I honestly thought they called the wrong number. I got tripped up from behind and fell," Wyrick said. "I looked over to the side, Chase was in the end zone and I thought we won the game."

After the loss, coach Gary Pinkel said: "That's the hardest loss I've ever been a part of in my life. My football team had a great come-from-behind victory. We held them in the fourth quarter, forced a bad field goal, drove 80 yards and won the game. But the victory was taken away from them."

Big 12 coordinator of officials Walt Anderson later issued an apology for the call and added, “We blew it.”

The rematch is Saturday in Columbia.


Anonymous said...

That picture proves nothing. His shirt isn't even clinched up...just a closed fist near his back.

From that angle, you have no idea if he got jersey or not.

Iowa State fans deserve the 1-7 season they're getting.

Ben said...

Pinkel might be the biggest crybaby of all time. They choked big time (almost Iowa State-esque if I may say so) and the call was correct.