Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chop Block Takes Out a Knee

Watch closely at the end of this play, at the bottom left corner of the "B" painted at midfield. This hurts to watch because Bowling Green defensive end Nick Davis suffers a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee on a chop block by an unidentified Western Kentucky player during the Sept. 29 game.

According to a story in the Bowling Green Daily News, Western Kentucky coach David Elson said he received two emails from Bowling Green coach Gregg Brandon questioning the play. Here is Elson's account from the Bowling Green Daily News:

"I went to review the play, watched it with our entire staff and said, 'What do you guys think?' The guy was in front of him. It was a cut block. It was toward the end of the play. You could look at it and say maybe it was unnecessary, but when you coach your players to play to the whistle and the play is still going on and that defender still has a chance to run the play.

"I e-mailed [Brandon] back and said, 'I prefer you not discuss this over e-mail. Let's talk on the phone.' He did call and we discussed it and said, 'I didn’t think you would agree with me, but I just wanted to get a response.' I explained to him exactly how I saw it and that we don’t coach dirty play."

Although Elson said he thought Brandon was "completely OK" with the explanation, Brandon reportedly informed Ball State — a fellow Mid-American Conference member with Bowling Green — to be wary of the Hilltoppers.

Said Elson: "Apparently there's some ill will, but when I speak with Gregg Brandon on the phone there isn’t any."

If you know of a cheap shot, please let us know. This is a video-only category and at the end of the season, we put the finalists up to a vote. Here is the link to the 2006 cheapies.


Anonymous said...

cut block, not a chop block

Anonymous said...

Disagree. The play was over and the lineman went for his knees away from the play. WKU's reputation preceded themselves. Definite cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

It was the left guard.