Monday, August 27, 2007

Those Gangstas From Iowa City

OK, we've been a tad harsh on the Iowa Hawkeyes of late, so we thought it was time to give the team that has won 13 of its last 25 games a break. Things could better this fall. No Michigan and no Ohio State on the schedule. Thanks to Drinkn From a Firehose for this.

Poster schedules: Florida State, Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Arkansas, Kent State, Navy, Duke, Purdue, Missouri, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Middle Tennessee, Brigham Young, Syracuse, Louisiana Tech, South Florida, Colorado, Southern Mississippi, Washington State, Kentucky, Houston, Toledo, Iowa State, North Texas, Arizona State, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Clemson, North Carolina State, West Virginia, East Carolina, Nevada, Georgia Tech, Florida, Oklahoma, UCLA, Kansas State, Utah, Stanford, Auburn, Northwestern, Texas El Paso, Penn State, Ohio, USC.

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