Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Two for Tuesday

It's going to be a rough couple of days for Oklahoma fans in our great billboard competition. Today we present two entries from Boise's best. Drew of Fight, Fight BSU sent us this exceptional billboard, above. No, Drew says he doesn't work for 96.9 The Eagle, but if Boise's Best Classic Rock station ever wants to do a billboard campaign, they should put him to work. A clever idea that is perfectly executed, much like the Broncos' Statue of Liberty play against the Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl.

Boise State fans continue to pile on with the entry below from Matt of Statue Left. No jab at the Sooners would be complete without Boise's celebrity couple, Ian Johnson and Chrissy Popadics, whose wedding is scheduled for July 28, despite attempts by the NCAA to make life difficult for the couple. Click on the images for a detailed look.
Now if you're a fan who believes your team has just been the victim of a cheap shot, well, you're right because that's what this contest is all about. It's a chance to land a haymaker to your opponent, destabilize them and have it posted on the Internet for all to see. Best of all, it's free.

If you don't like it, get in the game. Rub those brain cells together, fark a billboard and send it in.

Other entries: Gambling Loss, Threesome, Wiz Under Attack, The Great Sabanini, Welcome to College Statiowned, Good Seats Available, Urine for Trouble, Fluffer, Accidents Happen, Saw 'Em Off, Gun Laws, Speak of the Devil, Phil Fulmer's Flock, Auburn's Money and Grades, Sooner or Later, Don't Forget Your Laptop, Ed Orgeron Is Shrek, Bowden Manure Service, Roll Over Tide and Beat Michagain.

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The Big Picture said...

those might be the best so far...special games lead to special billboards.