Monday, May 14, 2007

Speak of the Devil

We open week three of the great billboard competition with a shot at Iowa State. This devilish entry comes from Brady of the pro-Iowa Hawkeye site Drinkn From a Fire Hose. Cyclone athletic director Jamie Pollard, who takes center stage in this billboard, has been shaking things up in Ames in an attempt to drive sales of season tickets, including putting up a billboard last year in the Hawkeyes' backyard. It appears the Hawkeye Nation has had enough. Click on the image for a detailed look.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for last call. If you have a billboard to enter, please submit it this week. The address: dawizofodds (at) Then we turn it over to our readers for a vote to determine the billboard of the year.

Other billboards: Gambling Loss, Threesome, Wiz Under Attack, The Great Sabanini, Welcome to College Statiowned, Good Seats Available, Urine for Trouble, Fluffer, Accidents Happen, Saw 'Em Off, Gun Laws, Phil Fulmer's Flock, Auburn's Money and Grades, Sooner or Later, Two for Tuesday, Don't Forget Your Laptop, Ed Orgeron Is Shrek, Bowden Manure Service, Roll Over Tide and Beat Michagain.

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