Friday, May 11, 2007

Phil Fulmer Keeps an Eye on His Flock

The latest entry in the great billboard competition comes to us from Steve of the terrific Loser With Socks, one of the Wiz's favorite destinations in cyberspace. We're not exactly sure what this entry is about, and we even asked Steve, who also wishes to plug the site Vol Quest, what Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer plans to do with all these sheep. We didn't get a clear answer, but what is clear is that the sheep appear nervous with the big guy looking them over. And probably for good reason. ... Click on the image for a detailed look.

Keep the billboards coming! Nothing gets a message across like a billboard. Here is another example of what a billboard can do to destabilize your rival. Who in the hell would want to go to Purdue after seeing this?
Other billboards: Gambling Loss, Threesome, Wiz Under Attack, The Great Sabanini, Welcome to College Statiowned, Good Seats Available, Urine for Trouble, Fluffer, Accidents Happen, Saw 'Em Off, Gun Laws, Speak of the Devil, Auburn's Money and Grades, Sooner or Later, Two for Tuesday, Don't Forget Your Laptop, Ed Orgeron Is Shrek, Bowden Manure Service, Roll Over Tide and Beat Michagain.

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