Friday, May 25, 2007

Now the Wiz Is Under Attack

Proving once again that nobody is safe in this corner of cyberspace, the Wiz takes a shot below the belt in the great billboard competition. This fine entry comes from Houston Nutt, and although we suspect it's not the Razorback coach, all bets are off given the crazy events that have happened this offseason at Arkansas. Maybe an enterprising Razorback fan can file a request through the Freedom of Information Act and get to the bottom of this.

Nutt is obviously bored with this billboard nonsense. "Please get something new. These billboards are lame as hell." Not until we check with Donna Bragg. ...

Other billboards: Gambling Loss, Threesome, The Great Sabanini, Welcome to College Statiowned, Good Seats Available, Urine for Trouble, Fluffer, Accidents Happen, Saw 'Em Off, Gun Laws, Speak of the Devil, Phil Fulmer's Flock, Auburn's Money and Grades, Sooner or Later, Two for Tuesday, Don't Forget Your Laptop, Ed Orgeron Is Shrek, Bowden Manure Service, Roll Over Tide and Beat Michagain.

And billboard fever has spread to With Leather. Click here, here and especially here.

1 comment:

Coach Fred said...

They should really think of a better, something that is inspiring and moral-boosting. It's just a billboard but it sure is visible to anyone.