Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Great Sabanini

The greatest magician of the modern era will be touring the Southeast this fall. The Great Sabanini is coming to a venue near you, and you'll gasp as he transforms a poor NFL record (15-17 ... WTF?) into $4 million per year.

And what could be the biggest challenge yet, Sabanini might have to make his recent violation of NCAA rules disappear. Sabanini's handlers are not commenting.

This entry in the great billboard competition is a quality piece of work, perhaps the best yet from the gang at Loser With Socks. You'll want to click in the image for a detailed look.

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Anonymous said...

Saban is in your head!

Anonymous said..., the orgininator of the story, has retracted their statements on the matter. Saban is in your head.

Anonymous said...

Would "in" be the correct preposition?