Thursday, May 17, 2007

At North Carolina, 'Accidents' Happen

The latest entry in the great billboard competition comes from North Carolina State fan James, a regular contributor to Pack Pride, and he takes a shot at rival North Carolina. While we are not aware of any issues regarding a lack of diversity in Tar Heel athletic hires, North Carolina officials were surprised to learn that Butch Davis, their new coach, was part American Indian.

Good for Davis and North Carolina. The billboard references a Raleigh News & Observer story, and in it Barry Saunders writes about Davis and Wolfpack basketball coach Sidney Lowe, an African American: "Both of those men would probably be the first to say that nobody should get hired because of race or ethnicity, but neither should anyone be denied a chance because of those factors, either."

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Anonymous said...

This is a jab at Barry Saunders and his favorite thing to write about UNC. Saunders ripped NC State for not interviewing a minority coach, during the Basketball coaching search. After the search was over there was no mention or acknowledgement from Saunders, that NC State was one of the firt big 3 schools(duke,ncstate,unc)to hire an African American (that's 100%)Head Coach. When UNC goes out and hires Butch, no mention of hiring practices at UNC from Saunders. That's right, no moral outrage at all about hiring another white head coach. Infact, he takes the opportunity to praise them for hiring someone that is 1/8 Native American. Of course this came as a surprise to the UNC administration. Once it was brought to their attention, that the white man they hired (Butch Davis), is part American Indian. You can't blame UNC for embracing the minority status and the positive press. I guess when you have to do a piece about diversity and shell out some positive press,you use those math skills to include your favorite school.

So if you take into account Saunders'infatuation and his Math skills:

1/8 = 100%

This Billboard is Freaking Hilarious!