Monday, May 07, 2007

And Don't Forget Your Laptop

We start week two of the great billboard competition with this fine entry from Ross, who couldn't resist the opportunity to take a jab at in-state rival Georgia Tech. When ESPN is in a pinch to find a team to play on a Thursday, the Yellow Jackets are always around to answer the call. Georgia Tech seemingly plays at least one Thursday game each season and the Yellow Jackets are doing it again in 2007, with a Thursday home game (Nov. 1) against Virginia Tech. Click on the image for a detailed look.

In exchange for Ross' entry, we are pleased to plug the fine Georgia Sports Blog and Dawg Sports, two of his favorite cyberspace destinations. They definitely have a Kristin Davis thing going at Dawg Sports. ...

There are several outstanding billboards to display this week, but we want to urge everybody to keep them coming. As promised, we are turning this contest over to readers for a vote to determine billboard's best.

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