Monday, April 30, 2007

The Great Billboard Competition

Nothing chaps the backside like seeing a billboard proudly displaying an accomplishment by your team's rival. It turns that stretch of road into a highway to hell. You wish there was something you could do to counter this injustice. Well now there is. ...

We're announcing the great billboard competition. It's your chance to get a dig on your opponents and have it proudly displayed to the masses. The billboard above will serve as the template (click on it to get the full-size file), and we're asking fans to use it — abuse it, actually — and destabilize your rival. Create the billboard you want your opponent to see. After all, the best defense is a good offense.

Ground rules? Just a few. Pornography is frowned upon, and we reserve the right to throw out any entry that goes beyond good taste. The plan is to display entries as we go along and then put all of them up for a vote to determine the best of the best. Spread the word and send your entries to dawizofodds (at)

We've included a few examples of actual billboards from the past year to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks to Trent for the bottom entry spotted in Columbus! Entries: Gambling Loss, Threesome, Wiz Under Attack, The Great Sabanini, Welcome to College Statiowned, Good Seats Available, Urine for Trouble, Fluffer, Accidents Happen, Saw 'Em Off, Gun Laws, Speak of the Devil, Phil Fulmer's Flock, Auburn's Money and Grades, Sooner or Later, Two for Tuesday, Don't Forget Your Laptop, Ed Orgeron Is Shrek, Bowden Manure Service, Roll Over Tide and Beat Michagain.


Nathan said...

Still the best - the billboard KU fans put up in honor of the coke snorting disaster that was Quin Snyder and his Missouri basketball team:

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that as soon as Ia State posted that billboard, they promptly LOST the next football game vs. Iowa. It IS a Hawkeye State.