Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Come on Buckeyes, You Can Do Better!

Reader Rich sent us this image of Ohio State's 2006 poster schedule — the schedule that hangs throughout the remodeled Woody Hayes Athletic Center — that was taken by Jim Davidson of the Ozone, one of the oldest fan sites on the Internet. We call them as we see them folks, and we are not impressed. This ranks at the bottom of our poster schedules. The Ozone said the same company that is doing artwork for the rest of the athletic center created this schedule. We shudder to think what else could be hanging from the walls. If Woody were around, he'd probably be ripping the stuff down as if it were a sideline maker. Disagree? Then compare it with the other images we have displayed: Mississippi State, Auburn, South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida State, Florida, Iowa State and USC. And we make our customary call to fans to send us an image or link of their team's 2006 poster schedule. The address is dawizofodds (at) aol.com.


Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but I kinda like the design.

Anonymous said...

I like it too. I'm surprised that any school so insistent upon use of the word "The" can make something so understated.

Anonymous said...

I like it. You have to remember that this is the schedule that the players are looking at every day.

It's not a PR tool like some schools are using to sell hamburgers at the restaurant on the store at the bottom of the poster.

The goals are clear: Win every game of the season and the Big Ten Championship....or the National Championship if selected.

Anonymous said...

I like the Ohio State poster a lot.

Rather than glorifying the individual, as do many of the others you've mentioned, it's understated, and emphasizes the team, the tradition, and the goals of Ohio State football.

My top three would be, in order, Ohio State, Iowa State, and USC. All the others are just garish, and tied for last.

WCT said...

I like the subtle indicator of The OSU's expectations for this year - including the Rose Bowl and the BCS championship game as a part of their schedule. Very nice

Anonymous said...

You people are debating schedule designs and your laughing at Ohio State..Change the tape on your glasses...This must be the end of the World Wide Web. Do you just make a simple U-turn here.