Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Louisiana Monroe

Up next, the giant killers of Louisiana Monroe. Who can forget the Warhawks' stunning 21-14 victory last season at Alabama. We thank Adam for sending the poster. Let's see what Mike and Mike have to say.


"This is a rather ho-hum effort. I like the layout, the curved football-like area for the images provides a nice visual separation from the schedule. Other than that there is not much to get excited about. The colors are drab and lackluster and the images are nondescript. The band has some hefty members though. Maybe it's the Biggest Damn Band in the Land?

"On a personal note, I'm running the Chicago Marathon in October and raising funds for a charity organization, Opportunity Enterprises, whose mission is to promote self-sufficiency and life choices for challenged individuals. If you wish to help, here is a link to my fund-raising page."

Mike from S.F.:

"Monroe is selling the family environment with pictures of fans, the marching band, tailgating and a packed stadium. The real kicker is the jab at Alabama on the bottom, showcasing the Warhawks' upset of the Crimson Tide last season. I like this poster so much I'm not going to comment on the Arkansas 'home game' in Little Rock.

"Last year was a good year to be a Warhawk fan, and this poster is all about the positive."

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