Monday, April 14, 2008

Face It, Paterno Will Never Retire

Jerry Sandusky's reputation around State College is second to none. He played for then coached alongside Joe Paterno for 32 years, many of those years spent as defensive coordinator.

Sandusky waited for Paterno to retire, thinking he might someday become the head coach. But as time went on, Sandusky realized that was not going to happen, that Paterno was not (never?) going to retire. Nine years ago, Sandusky resigned and got on with his life, starting a charitable organization.

Sandusky said he's not surprised Paterno is still coach. "It's just been a part of him for such a long time. The total experience — it just feeds his being. He wakes up every day thinking football. To throw that away would be scary."

Although Paterno can be an intimidating figure, not everybody in State College runs at the mere mention of the legend's name. Writes Ron Bracken of the Centre Daily Times: "You can describe the current state of Penn State football in one four-letter word — mess."

Bracken continued to layeth the smacketh down:

"All of the good done by all of the former players in the program is slowly being eroded by the acts of the latest generation. Someone took the time to compile a list of players who have run afoul of the law just since 2002. Care to guess the number? It’s into the 60’s and climbing. ... None of this is the ranting of someone with an axe to grind. It’s just a laying out of facts, ugly as they are."

Thanks to Brother Bluto.

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