Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stoops' 2008 Compensation: $6 Million

Bob Stoops is scheduled to receive a one-time $3 million benefit on Dec. 31 for coaching Oklahoma for 10 seasons, according to his contract obtained by the Oklahoman through the Oklahoma Open Records Act.

The $3 million, combined with the 47-year-old coach's guaranteed salary of $2.77 million and additional income he could gain from performance bonuses means that Stoops is likely to earn more than $6 million in 2008.

"Bob Stoops is worth every penny and always has been and always will be," athletic director Joe Castiglione said.

Oklahoma generated $26.1 million in athletic revenues the year before Stoops arrived in Norman. In 2006-07 — Stoops' eighth season at the school — the athletic department generated $66.3 million in revenues, with football directly accounting for $28.5 million. That doesn't include another $18 million in contribution, advertising and licensing dollars that football likely had a big hand in landing.

Thanks to Geoff Rodgers.


Three N Out said...

I'm sad to say there isn't another coach out there that really deserves it that much.

Not that I'm a big fan of Stoops, but the guy keeps winning.

Mac G said...

Can I get Ann Rhodes, Mary Sue Coleman and Bob Bowlsby email addresses to email them this post?

The Hawkeyes had their man and those 3 idiots ruined a program changer. I wanted to riot their offices on campus the day Stoops took the OU job because Iowa "wanted to look around some more" with their search committee.

Stoops, who played and coached at Iowa, will forever be a Hawkeye.

Stoops might suck in bowls but Ferentz can not even lead an Iowa to the Motor City Bowl this season.

Enough Said. I need to get over my bitterness but obviously I have problems.

Anonymous said...

Somebody has to pay for the players new cars.

Anonymous said...

Jim Tressel is Stoop's idol. Now JT deserves 6 bills.

Unknown said...

Jim Tressel deserves to lose scholarships and loss of a national championship.

rhymeister said...

Castiglione is an idiot, there isn't a college coach alive that's worth 6 million bean$.

This only goes to show how skewered the system is when players give up their health and don't have enough money to return home on spring break whilst the Stoops, Satans, er Sabans, et al wallow away in their gazillions.

Players should revolt and ask for some laundry money or something...