Sunday, February 24, 2008

South Florida Can Be Tight With Money

South Florida is either cheap or the model of efficiency. The 2007 staff of coach Jim Leavitt ranked near the bottom in pay among Bowl Championship Series teams, according to Brett McMurphy of the Tampa Tribune.

Offensive coordinator Greg Gregory's $120,000 salary made him the lowest-paid offensive coordinator among BCS teams. Gregory also made less than every offensive coordinator in Conference USA. His salary ranked 94th among the 119 Division I-A offensive coordinators.

There are 1,071 I-A assistant coaches, and 1,065 made more than South Florida tight ends coach Larry Scott, whose salary was $50,000.

The salaries of Leavitt's assistants totaled $950,000. That's 73% of the Big East average of $1.29 million.

As a note of interested, South Florida athletic director Doug Woolard made $421,000, considerably higher than the Big East average of $362,683.

McMurphy's story has a pdf file that lists how South Florida, Florida State and Florida rank nationally compared to other conferences and also lists BCS highs and lows for assistant coaching positions, men's and women's basketball and athletic director salaries. You can also download the pdf file by clicking here.

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