Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Georgia President to Push NCAA for Playoff

Is Georgia president Michael Adams the man to bring a playoff to college football? Adams, who is the chairman of the powerful NCAA executive committee, has drawn up plans for an eight-team playoff, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Adams' goal is to have a playoff system in place within "a year or two" and believes his chances of getting the proposal passed are "at least 50-50."

In a letter to the NCAA, Adams writes that he is disturbed by the current system, including "The increasing concentration of power in one network television company that has shown in this year's bowl selection process the capacity to influence public opinion, including that of the coaches, in an arbitrary way. This one network ownership controls more than two-thirds of the football games broadcast and virtually all of the non-BCS bowls. There are clear built-in conflicts."

The paper posted a full transcript of its interview with Adams, available by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Of course the NCAA wants a playoff. The BCS won't let them have it. Adams is chair of an NCAA committee, which is NOT the BCS. The BCS is six conferences plus ND. They are independent of the NCAA.

The BCS gets the control and the money flow from the bowl system and the BCS championship and the last thing they want to do is to share the BCS loot with the WAC and Conference USA, much less the riff-raff in the current Division 1 championship subdivision. Once you start talking playoff, then every two-bit conference wants their champion involved and has their hand out. Ohio State does not want to share anything with Delaware State.

What is kind of ironic in this story, is that it was Georgia and Oklahoma that successfully sued the NCAA in 1984 that directly led to the current BCS.


Anonymous said...

This guy is an idiot. He only looking out for his school,Georgia, since they choked and didn't win the SEc

Anonymous said...

1st anonymous guy,

div 1-aa teams are not all created equal. just go look at the 16th team to make the 16 team field. they were ranked like 22nd or 23rd.

so no, not everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of whoevers labor. unless there is a rule put in there that says so.

i'm oretty sure PC is not en vogue anymore. at least from my vantage point!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Georgia grad. We hate this guy. He is an idiot and he is only looking out for himself. He is pompous ass. Even our former athletic director Vince Dooley disagrees with with President Adams (see link below for story, thanks to "Get The Picture" for providing the link). Now the rest of the country gets to see this asshat. What's funny is he voted against a playoff early in 07.