Friday, October 19, 2007

See, We Don't Hate Notre Dame!

The Wiz is elated to give everybody an inside look at a football Saturday at Notre Dame, thanks to reader Matt, who previously sent photos from trips to Boulder and Columbus.

Now Matt was on his best behavior in South Bend, acknowledging that this trip was "much more mellow than any of the other weekends." Still, he gave the experience a big thumbs up.

He writes: "The campus is prototypical Midwest; gunmetal sky and awesome foliage. The band and fight song are something else."
Matt adds that looking down on the field you can envision "the Bush Push, Montana, the Four Horsemen, etc. It's certainly not the Cajun party LSU is, but it has some great character."
One of the highlights, besides this little scoundrel on the left, was ... yes — there he is! Crewcut himself, strolling past the masses toward Notre Dame Stadium. Note the insolently proud way he carries himself to battle!
The players file in behind Crewcut, heading for yet another loss. This time Boston College did the honors, dropping Notre Dame to 1-6.
Yes, everything is special about the place. Even the bathrooms have a message. In tough times like this, you have to band together.

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