Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Head for the Rockies

You are looking at U.S. Highway 36, just outside of Boulder. It's late Saturday, and reader Matt is headed to Folsom Field to see Florida State and Colorado go toe to toe.
As is the case for all big games, it's important to be hydrated in case you have to put on a helmet and get in the game.
Some outstanding T-shirts. The woman on the left displays one stating "Ask Me About My Box." The man on the right sports a shirt with the saying, "It's Division I Football," words made famous in the offseason by Colorado coach Dan Hawkins.
OK, it's not the Radio City Rockettes, but it will have to do.
Bandannas are all the rage in Boulder.
If you don't know which team to pull for, just play it down the middle.
How about this! Gator fans were in attendance, and they were quickly embraced by the Colorado faithful.
The Noles make quite the entrance, above, and a look at Folsom at night, below. Matt writes: "As for atmosphere, I was really proud of the entire town. You could feel the energy in the air, much more than any game since the 2001 Nebraska game [the 62-36 game]. The student section was absolutely rocking."
When a man has to go, he has to go, even if it means pissing on a Boulder Police car.

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