Friday, October 19, 2007

Explosive Allegations at Nebraska

Did Nebraska's Bill Callahan refer to Tom Osborne, above, as "that crusty old f---"?

This is one of the allegations in a book written by a Nebraska student that will be released in early November. Callahan is also alleged to have said that Osborne, a former U.S. Congressman, was "trying to run things from Washington."

The book, written by Jonathan Crowl, a senior English major, relies heavily on former head football trainer Doak Ostergard as a source. Ostergard, who joined the athletic department in 1984, was fired abruptly by Callahan in February.

Callahan, when asked after Thursday’s practice if he denied the comments in Crowl’s book, declined comment. He instead referred to a statement that said in part: "We are building a strong relationship with Coach Osborne. He knows this program inside and out, and that makes him a valuable resource for me, my staff and our players."

Osborne also issued a statement: "All that matters is I’m very supportive of Coach Callahan and his staff. We are trying to help our players and rally our fans. Right now, that’s our entire focus."

OK, cut the B.S. It's clear that Callahan is a goner. It's also clear that Ostergard would like to see Callahan gone, hence the tell-all story to get back at the man who fired him. And it's clear Osborne was meddling, quickly stepping in as the "interim" athletic director on Tuesday, a day after Steve Pederson was fired. Clearly, a planned move.

In other words, plenty of blame to go around.

Nebraska is preparing to turn back the clock. How far remains to be seen, but much like Callahan, the days of the forward pass appear numbered in Lincoln.


Anonymous said...

I do not believe Callahan would say something like this. He is smart enough to know it would come back to haunt him. Just an FYI, the Big Red is one of the greatest football teams ever. The last 2 games gave the program a bruise, but this team will be back to mopping the floor with the rest of the Big 12 shortly. Anyone who says Big Red is washed up does not understand Big Red football.

Jvo said...

in reply to the post above...

wow, talk about delusional.

Anonymous said...

delusional is two levels below what that Husker fan is smoking. if you had a TV, CornBoy, and could watch other football games, you would realize that your football team is worse than a joke. and yes, everyone "understands" Big Red football -- that is why opposing coaches regularly beat the tar out of you.

T-Bone said...

Husker nation, the sooner you realize it's over the better off your lives will be.

You all may want to consider cultivating some interests aside from Big Red Football.

Anonymous said...

Why is my butthole sore this morning? And, where the hell are my pants?

heuertz21 said...

TOM, you are a moron. Like we haven't heard lame, boring posts like yours. You are such a stereotype, get a life idiot.

Jonathan said...

Hmm ... turns out that kid knew exactly what the deal with Big Red Football was. The end of his book more or less predicted Tom Osborne would come back and save the program and reinstall the tradition that Callahan destroyed.

way to play fortune teller and get it right.