Friday, October 19, 2007

Game of the Week

Are these 'Cats from Kentucky for real? We will find out Saturday when Rich Brooks' team, flying high after beating Louisiana State, takes on Florida in Lexington.

The Wildcats have dropped 20 in a row to the Gators, who bring with them quarterback Tim Tebow, the leader in the Heisman race, according to the latest straw poll by Heisman Pundit. Right behind Tebow is Kentucky's Andre Woodson, meaning this game could go a long way toward deciding who wins college football's most prestigious award in 49 days.
The plots and subplots were too numerous to sort, so it was time to turn to Brian at the fine College Football Resource to analyze this titanic matchup:

"Kentucky’s victory over LSU last week went a long way toward proving that the Wildcats are legit. However, I always felt LSU was beatable and the pattern has been two inexplicable losses a year from the Tigers, so let’s not get too crazy just yet about Kentucky.

"What the Wildcats have going for them is an opportunistic defense, the ability to run the ball and a legitimate first-round quarterback in Woodson, who manages a game better than anyone in college football. His idol is Carson Palmer and he’s flashing that kind of ability at times this season.

"This might end up being one of the better games this year, and I like Florida's chances. The Gators haven’t played all that bad but are staring at a three-game losing streak, so they should put together a more inspired effort against Kentucky than what LSU offered.

"And as well as the Wildcats have played, their defense is a step down from that of Auburn and LSU, giving Florida some offensive opportunities it has not seen in the past two games.

"With any kind of showing from its maligned defense, Florida should be able to keep this thing close and eventually overwhelm the sky-high Wildcats."

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