Monday, July 09, 2007

SEC Official Is Head of Gator Booster Club

It turns out Southeastern Conference umpire Wally Hough is also in the booster club business. Hough, as reported by Andy Hall of the Palatka Daily News, is president of the Putnam (Fla.) County Gator Club, a support group for the University of Florida.

Hough, a former Florida player, introduced South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier during a luncheon last week at a restaurant named the Gator Landing.

"Wally is one of my favorite referees," Spurrier said. "His crew does a super job. Sometimes they make some calls that favor Georgia and some of those teams we don’t like and we have to say something about it."

Granted, it's difficult to find good officials, and by all accounts Hough falls in that category, but in many lines of work, Hough's affiliation with a booster club of an SEC team would simply be considered a conflict of interest and not allowed.

Thanks to Ryan at AOL Fanhouse.

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