Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rockets Ready for Liftoff

Toledo is no doubt looking forward to the season. An offseason has included allegations that player Harvey McDougle was involved in a point-shaving scheme and university officials reportedly bartered their way to $700,000 worth of goods and services in 2006. The Rockets' schedule includes home games against Purdue and Iowa State and a road game at Kansas. And just as it did in 2006, Toledo has produced another commercial to help sell tickets. You can view it by clicking here.

Poster schedules: Florida State, Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Arkansas, Kent State, Navy, Duke, Purdue, Missouri, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Middle Tennessee, Brigham Young, Syracuse, Louisiana Tech, South Florida, Colorado, Southern Mississippi, Washington State, Kentucky, Houston, Iowa State, North Texas, Arizona State, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Clemson, North Carolina State, West Virginia, East Carolina, Nevada, Georgia Tech, Florida, Oklahoma, UCLA, Kansas State, Utah, Stanford, Auburn, Northwestern, Iowa, Texas El Paso, Penn State, Ohio, USC.

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