Sunday, July 15, 2007

Navy: Expect to Win

Navy gets an early start, opening Aug. 30 (a Friday) at Temple, followed by a toughie at Rutgers. From there, the sailing gets easier, with five of the next six at home, including a Sept. 29th visit from Air Force. Then comes a biggie — at Notre Dame. If anyone in Annapolis needs to be reminded, the Midshipmen have lost 43 in a row to the Fighting Irish. Last but not least is Army on Dec. 1 in Baltimore.

And don't forget our favorite Navy blog, Pitch Right.

We're still missing poster schedules from Army and Air Force. Can anybody out there give us a hand?

Poster schedules: Florida State, Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Arkansas, Kent State, Duke, Purdue, Missouri, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Middle Tennessee, Brigham Young, Syracuse, Louisiana Tech, South Florida, Colorado, Southern Mississippi, Washington State, Kentucky, Houston, Toledo, Iowa State, North Texas, Arizona State, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Clemson, North Carolina State, West Virginia, East Carolina, Nevada, Georgia Tech, Florida, Oklahoma, UCLA, Kansas State, Utah, Stanford, Auburn, Northwestern, Iowa, Texas El Paso, Penn State, Ohio, USC.

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