Monday, July 09, 2007

Florida State's Awakening

A double entry from Florida State kicks off our look at college football poster schedules for 2007. The Seminoles have selected "The Awakening" as the theme of this year's effort.

Unlike last year, we are not going to review individual posters. We will leave any comments about each poster to our readers. Last year we displayed 40 poster schedules and the hope is to surpass that number this year.

With the help of reader Greg, we recently contacted 120 teams to ask about poster availability. To date, 25 have been kind enough to share their efforts. Unfortunately, not everybody wants to play this game, and we respect that decision. So this is where you come in. We need your help tracking down posters missing from the 2007 collection.

Again, we are looking for the official poster schedule and seeking an image of high quality. Anything less won't be accepted.

Currently we have posters from the following teams: Cincinnati, Duke, Florida State, Iowa State, Kansas State, Kent State, Louisiana Tech, Middle Tennessee, Missouri, Navy, Nevada, North Texas, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Stanford, South Carolina, South Florida, Southern Mississippi, Texas El Paso, USC, Utah, Wake Forest, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Several other teams have promised to come through, but until they do, help us track down posters we are missing. The address: dawizofodds (at)

And thanks to Chris for sending us the Florida State posters. The full images of the Seminole posters can be viewed by clicking here.

Poster schedules: Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Arkansas, Kent State, Navy, Duke, Purdue, Missouri, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Middle Tennessee, Brigham Young, Syracuse, Louisiana Tech, South Florida, Colorado, Southern Mississippi, Washington State, Kentucky, Houston, Toledo, Iowa State, North Texas, Arizona State, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Clemson, North Carolina State, West Virginia, East Carolina, Nevada, Georgia Tech, Florida, Oklahoma, UCLA, Kansas State, Utah, Stanford, Auburn, Northwestern, Iowa, Texas El Paso, Penn State, Ohio, USC.

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Return of the walking dead coaches...