Friday, March 09, 2007

Mankind's Greatest Invention

We bring you the Beer Launching Fridge, and the remote controlled device will fire a beer from its refrigerator unit to a college football couch potato 13 feet away. Is life great or what?

This beauty is the brainchild of John W. Cornwell, 22, who graduated from Duke last year and had the time on his hands to create this engineering marvel.

"Have you ever gotten up off the couch to get a beer for the umpteenth time and thought, 'What if instead of ME going to get the BEER, the BEER came to ME???' Well, that was how I first conceived of the beer launching fridge," he writes on his site. ... Matter of fact, we've had this very thought countless times!

The good news is that Cornwell is planning to market the device. The one on display in this video holds 10 beers and would cost around $1500. But Cornwell has plans for a unit that would hold close to 20 beers in its magazine and would cost around $3000.


The Big Picture said...

einstein doesn't have shit on this kid!

Anonymous said...

Well,if you've got the bucks - go for it, but when the damn cans crack a window or bust the plaster if you miss the catch - its gonna cost one a lot more. Tell you what, pick up a cube refrigerator and use it as an end table. Its cheaper and less can go wrong - hey dude, I'd rather invest more in the beer than the mechanics!
-Andrew Boggs,