Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Fun From Map Game Day

Now that Map Game Day has filled its recruiting maps with over 2,600 players, the real fun begins. For example, this will win you a bar bet. Which state produced more Division I-A recruits on signing day, Nebraska or Hawaii? Much to our surprise, it's Hawaii, and it's not even close. Hawaii cranked out 37 I-A players and Nebraska had only 12. That's an impressive feat considering Nebraska has roughly 500,000 more residents. There are all kinds of goodies once you start digging. For example, the long distance recruiting award goes to North Carolina State, which went to Viernheim, Germany to land Marcus Kuhn. That's a distance of almost 4,300 miles. Richard from Map Game Day also sends along word about Arizona State's recruits, a clear sign of the Sun Devils. The average distance for incoming players is 666 miles, three players have six digits in their first name and coach Dennis Erickson has six digits in his first name. And don't forget about July in Tempe, when the average high is a hellish 105 degrees.

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