Tuesday, February 13, 2007

'I Didn't Come Here to Be a Legend'

The year was 1986 and Lou Holtz is fired up. Granny, as we like to call him, was about to make his debut as Notre Dame's coach against Michigan. The next day, his Fighting Irish rolled up 455 rushing yards and 27 first downs against the No. 3 Wolverines, but lost, 24-23. Past classic coaches videos: Bear Bryant, Woody Hayes and Hayden Fry.


Fred Shaheen said...

Even in defeat, Lou Holtz's teams at Notre Dame played to the end. No matter what the scoreboard read, Notre Dame fans always felt that somehow the team would come out on top. No other Irish coach since has matched his ability to motivate their team.

Chg said...

Nice to know that Notre Dame has at least a 20 year tradition of less than impressive cheerleaders/coeds.