Saturday, February 10, 2007

Great Moments in Sideline Reporter History

Another example why sideline reporters are totally unnecessary (unless, of course, it's Erin Andrews). ABC's Anne Simon was a bit overmatched during this interview of Alabama coach Bear Bryant, thought to be at halftime of the 1981 game against Auburn. Simon asks Bryant about his choice of quarterbacks. "I don't have to apologize for who I play, I'm trying to win the game," a annoyed Bryant says. To her credit, Simon recovers somewhat at the end.


Michael Pigott said...

Bill Belichick must have learned the art of interviews from Coach Bryant.

I love the simple answer followed by the long uncomfortable pause. You can just see the reporter squirming wondering,"Is that it?"

Hilarious. Thanks for that one, Wiz.

Anonymous said...

Love how she had to tell the Bear that the boys in the booth had a question. Of course because she was incapable of anything more than mindless banter about his hat.

Anonymous said...

Alabama wore white jerseys in the 1981 game against Auburn, as they have in all odd-numbered years. Look in the background -- the Tide players are wearing crimson.

Walter Lewis played 1980-1983; this was probably 1980. Final Score: Alabama 34, Auburn 18

Anonymous said...

It was definitely 1982.

Anonymous said...

"After further review, video evidence clearly shows..."

To the eagle-eye posting at 6:02 PM - - I was wrong, you are correct.

(a)The reporter mentions quarterbacks Ken Coley (1979-82) and Walter Lewis (1980-83). Alabama is wearing their home uniforms, so this must be either 1980 or 1982.

(b) If Auburn had 14 points at halftime, they'd need two safeties to reach 18 points as their final score in the 1980 game. Didn't happen.

This must have been 1982 game. Auburn capitalized on several Alabama turnovers and won, 23-22.

(Yes, I was there.)

Anonymous said...

Wow...was he ever sober?