Friday, January 26, 2007

Broyles' Comments Under Scrutiny

An ember remains at Arkansas. TV station KNWA aired a recording Thursday night of Frank Broyles speaking at the Dallas Chapter of the Arkansas Alumni Association's meeting Jan. 19 and the athletic director had some unflattering things to say about the Razorback Nation. Pig Kahuna reports: "In short, he says Arkansas is a mid-level program in the SEC and that you can't get a top coach here and he throws our special teams coach under the bus." KNWA has released a transcribed version of the tape, but it's a choppy read and doesn't seem overly nasty. However, we're told the audio is much worse because of Broyles' tone. At one point, there is an exchange between Broyles and a member of the audience where they call each other liars, but unfortunately it's not included on KNWA's transcript. TV station KARK also has a brief transcript, but the bottom line is that we'd love to find a copy of the audio to post. If anybody can help, please email dawizofodds (at)

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Anonymous said...

Fire up the theme music.

I wonder if Houston Nutt is kicking himself for not taking the Nebraska job.