Thursday, July 27, 2006

Picture This: Robinson Shots Legit

Thanks to the fine work of reader Mike (the first to find it), we have confirmation that the second photo of Oklahoma lineman George Robinson is indeed legit, giving us confirmation on both photos. The second photo was taken by Steve Sisney of the Oklahoman on March 31, 2006 and ran with a piece on Robinson's workout routine and changes he made in his diet. The original can be located here, and you will have to select "OU" for a category and "Spring Practice 3/21" for a gallery. ... As for the doctored Adrian Peterson photo, a claim has been made by "Siouxner," who said he took the original before the 2004 championship game, then doctored it for a friend who "was having some smack talk with USC fans over the net." He added that "I can't believe that everyone bought it." The Wiz would like to tell Siouxner's story in detail and asks that he contact us directly: dawizofodds (at) Needless to say, we are highly entertained by all of this and promise to keep your identity a secret.

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Anonymous said...

Nice unresearched bullshit...good job guys... (April 2006)

Now, go play in the street...