Sunday, July 30, 2006

Groh-ing Pains at Virginia

Looks like the dreaded line between academics and athletics is being drawn at Virginia, and given Al Groh's so-so record as coach, the smart money is on the academic community. Last week it was announced that eight players — a third of Groh's 2006 recruiting class — failed to gain admittance. The revelation provided unlimited ammo for those upholding the academic end of the deal to fire away at Groh, above, who has done little to build the capital needed to fight off such assaults. To make matters worse, Groh had a snarky retort when asked about the academic casualties. Now that the reviews are coming in, it's clear Groh is getting the big thumbs down. Read what Newport News Daily Press columnist David Teel had to say about the coach and his Cavalier attitude: "Groh's public manner is brusque, his 37-26 record just above average. And he is overpaid handsomely — a minimum $1.8 million this year — to navigate the inevitable crises of major college football. ... Losing one-third of a recruiting class, some temporarily, others permanently, is a big deal for any school. For a school that fancies itself a public Ivy and boasts lofty graduation rates, it is an XXL deal."

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