Tuesday, March 07, 2006

$870,000-Plus Reasons to Run the NCAA

Turns out universities are not alone in cashing in on "student-athletes." NCAA president Myles Brand pulled in a whopping $870,000-plus in compensation in 2004-05. Brand's compensation is more than every public university president, according to figures published in November by The Chronicle of Higher Education. And who says priorities on academics and athletics are out of order? Only seven private school presidents make more than Brand, who must love to look at that tasteful painting, courtesy of Indiana University, where he used to be president. Brand is not alone in counting his mounds of cash. At least eight other honchos at NCAA headquarters are pulling in more than a quarter-million a year. Seriously, how many vice presidents do you really need? It's doubtful Indianapolis has enough country clubs to keep this group happy. Although "student-athletes" might be getting a free education, we've all learned one lesson today: Greed.

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The Big Picture said...

$870 grand? wow! i feel it does more harm than good too...we still have the bcs, right?